5 Majestic Elements on How to Decorate a Bedroom

5 Majestic Elements on How to Decorate a Bedroom

Oh, the bedroom – the most intimate space of your home, your rightful place inside your abode.

Like a King or Queen of a faraway kingdom (except yours is located in Manila not in Europe), the dream of turning your stale, simple bedroom into a grandiose work of majesty burns like a wildfire. Images of the world’s most iconic bedchambers remain stuck in your fantasies – Buckingham Palace, Versailles of France, Peles Castle, Windsor Castle – the list goes on!

Obviously, who wouldn’t want to wake and sleep like a monarch in a bedroom so beautiful and luxurious? If you have run out of noble ideas on how to decorate a bedroom, expect to witness every grandeur you asked for in their finest elements.

"..the bedroom - the most intimate space of your home, your rightful place inside your abode."

Read on to discover our compilation of the amazing features of a well decorated royalty-inspired bedrooms

Bed Size matters

If you want to feel like a noble whenever you enter your bedroom, you have to look at your  space like a palace. Apparently, the size matters and large is always nobler than small.

One majestic way on how to decorate a bedroom is to opt for a  high and full-sized bed. Considered as luxury bedroom furniture, huge beds boast of unsurpassed beauty and comfort particularly if crafted with the finest quality.

5 Majestic Elements on How to Decorate a Bedroom

Surround your bed with an upholstered sofa to give it a designer’s edge. The combination is guaranteed to a provide a royalty vibe that’s sure to swoon anyone who ever come to visit you. Black and shiny red decorative accents throughout the bedroom provide warm interior resulting to an instant elegant look.

Antiques For Historic Value

The royal magic doesn’t end on the bed frame alone. Antiques like cabinets, coffee tables, chandeliers, mirrors, and even clocks are regarded as valuable collections for having stood the test of time. Mostly wooden bedroom furniture but nonetheless any item with historic value and upscale look-  they emanate a royal character and majestic ambiance wherever you decide to rest your eyes on. Whether it’s hand-carved by famous artist, or a million dollar item you auctioned against all odds during your last trip to Romania, antiques are as powerful and interesting as its mere existence.

5 Majestic Elements on How to Decorate a Bedroom

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Golden His & Her Closet

"Apart from luxury storage bed, the walk in closet is your own fashion statement."

There’s no better way to make your walk-in closet extra glamorous but by adding an abundance of shimmering gold on its aesthetic. Similar to a monarch who gets dressed in entire extravagance, picking your day’s clothes and shoes in this type of interior makes it twice as fabulous. Apart from luxury storage bed, the walk in closet is  your own fashion statement.

5 Majestic Elements on How to Decorate a Bedroom


Standing next in line to gold in terms of luxury levels, silver is highly regarded by artisans and royalties alike. No wonder it has become a fancied home decor you’d want inside your personal bedchamber. The sheer splendour of silver seems to be boundless until you own it inside your bedroom. Sometimes, it is an actual million dollar chandelier with silver stones, a silver velvety soft pouf, or even a luxury bedroom wallpaper in touches of glitzy silver.

Eye catching silver can also be found in shiny metallics such as ornate vases, statement mirrors, and silvery headboard linings . The royal thing is, silver makes anything stand out. Be it a whole theme or just trimmings, a splash of this stunning element answers your question on how to decorate a bedroom like a royalty, not to mention the high drama in brings forth, always.

"..a splash of this stunning element answers your question on how to decorate a bedroom like a royalty."


Nothing does opulence better than marble accents. In case you’re not a fan of classic royal style, contemporary bedroom in Manila is your best option. This makes marble, a leading choice of top contemporary interior designers around the world, your best friend.  It may be hard and cold on the surface but it can serve your dream bedroom design in a myriad of sophisticated ways.

Jaw-dropping when used as accent walls, it’s a fine decor element that needs no further defence. Since its popularity amongst royalties during the 70’s, its natural markings remain interesting in its effortless glam. As bedroom floors, it gravitates you to an expensive experience in the most subtle manner.

5 Majestic Elements on How to Decorate a Bedroom

Marble complements perfectly with other opulent materials such as gold, emerald, brass, or copper. Also elementally similar to wood, marble finish looks stunning and always on trend – a character you would want to incorporate inside your dream palace-like bedroom.  

Getting the look of a your dream palace-like bedroom is more work than words. Though asking for how to decorate a bedroom is a first step towards your goal, the most important part is getting the right team to help you execute. Our expert interior design team, gifted with creative minds and scrupulous hands, is here to provide you with engineering and design services necessary to make your dream space come to life.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a Japanese firm specializing interior design and renovation at the heart of Makati City. Having remodeling and fit out services, TGR reconstructs the misplaced and the uneven, turning them into more sophisticated and more refined interiors. TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at  info@tgr.com.ph.

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