A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World

Not all offices are created equal. For the leading companies around the world, an office space must be inventive, distinct, and sprawling with creativity. 

To give you a hint of what we’re saying, Tokyo Grand Renovation profiles the world’s 7 best office interiors ever known.

"..an office space must be inventive, distinct, and sprawling with creativity."

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) compiles 5 of the most impressive and remarkable luxury condominiums in Metro Manila, scheduled to rise this coming 2019.


Call center agents of this AirBnB Headquarters in Portland Oregon, are not restricted to any cubicles. Here, they can work while roaming around.

Divided by a huge brick wall, it has a modern office design that offers two distinct environments. South is for the workers who prefer a collaborative and active office layout.

The balanced ambient light mixed with soft colors and bright finished wood exudes an encouraging backdrop for interactive minds.

WHAT’S INSIDE: Meeting Room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Breakout Space, Cafe, Relax Zone, Lounge

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
AIRBNB PORTLAND HEADQUARTERS - image courtesy of Metropolis Mag


The evolution of office design ideas from serious to playful type emanates in this Microsoft office in Vienna, Austria. At first glance, you would even think twice if it is an office space at all.

Standing three-story tall, the astounding office space design comprises a lodge ocean, plant wall, and an x-ray graphic of a powerful computer.

WHAT’S INSIDE: Playground, Conference Rooms, Lounges, Small Desk Pods, High Top Tables 

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
WORK AT PLAY IN MICROSOFT VIENNA - image courtesy of Pinterest


E-commerce giant Groupon ensured that no corner of their office in Chicago, Illinois lacks creativity. 

Designed to fuel ideas, it features an enchanting forest, exotic tiki bar, and a game room where employees can have fun and take breaks.

Of course, not every day is a great office day. Sometimes, you wish you could have a breather. Well. Groupon employees have those perks.They have a “sad wall” that you can stare at to realize how small your troubles really are.

As it goes, you get not just a breather but also a dose of inspiration to get going

WHAT’S INSIDE: LCD Walls, Enchanting Forest, Tiki Bar, Conference Room, Game Room

Interior design is fun, here's why:

Improve your house interior with these Instagram worthy restaurants.

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
GREEN IN GROUPON - image courtesy of Refinery 29


"Wherever you turn, there's a surprise."

Google, the leading search engine company in the world, continues to redefine the concept of office space.In its New York headquarters, a unique benching system welcomes the visitors in the main reception area.

Wherever you turn, there’s a surprise. For an instance, there’s an LED panel with motion controls to amaze passing employees.

The brightly colored woven hammocks are also one of the top favorites of Google innovators. Imagine swinging on hammocks and relaxing at work, well, that’s the Google way!

WHAT’S INSIDE: Subway-themed Google Conference Room, Steel Slides, Apartment-themed Conference Room, Water Tower Cafe, Secret Rooms, Library

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
INSIDE THE WORLD'S SEARCH ENGINE - image courtesy of Scribol


Stepping inside the Cirencester headquarters of money.co.uk is like entering the world of a fairy tale (Alice in Wonderland, in particular). But it’s not exactly like the fairy tales. money.co.uk Cirencester tells its own tale and brand.

Fitted for one of the best office interiors in the world, the office layout is bathed with grandeur. There is even a chandelier crafted with the money.co.uk logo, and the space is dominated by the company’s trademark color- purple.

WHAT’S INSIDE: Kitchen, Rolling Stones-themed Bathroom, Fancy Meeting Rooms, Star Wars-themed Cinema

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
FEEL ALICE AT WORK - image courtesy of OfficeLovin


How about an office space in the middle of the woods?

Architecture company, Selgas Cano in Madrid, Spain has it and more. Almost like a modern underground aerie, the inspiration behind the structure lies in merging nature and workplace to kindle creativity.

A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
INTO THE FOREST WE WORK - image courtesy of Archilovers

As an architect himself, Selgas bespoke the importance of respecting the environment in every office design concepts.

The same thought drives the Selgas Cano’s most striking feature – the elongated glass walls which separate nature and man. The structure itself uses only the lightest material so as to not harm nature.


A Minute Inside 7 of The Best Office Interiors Around The World
PLACE OF INVENTION IN TBWA - image courtesy of Shuji Fujita Architects

Global advertising giant TBWA follows a series of disruption method in their downtown Tokyo headquarters.

One of the best office interiors, it is located in an entertainment building, a first disrupt on the conventional commercial district office trend. On the inside, the office space is designed to mimic a “city” where squares, parks, small hills, and dynamic landscape magnets “highly individualistic” persons.

Real plants, which were planted inside the office, capped off its relaxing and motivational atmosphere.

"..a series of disruption method in their downtown Tokyo headquarters."

The inside of workstations are important to productivity and development. Having great designs which can boost potential is a big yes for corporate industries. Which office interior peaked your interest the most?

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a Japanese luxury design and build firm in the heart of Makati City, catering the transformation of residential and commercial spaces. Should you be starting your own home office soon, or should your firm wish to have an office renovation or an office fit out, let TGR remodel them into sophistication.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at  info@tgr.com.ph.

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