Apple Marina Bay Sands: The First Apple Store on Water

Apple’s most ambitious retail project sits on the waters of Marina Bay. Photo courtesy of Apple.

Apple is known as one of the pioneers of modern technology as of today. Other than refurbishing their products, they have now brought the world of retail stores in a whole new different level. Appearing as a floating sphere, Apple Marina Bay Sands is the first Apple Store on water.

An oculus at the apex of the dome provides a flooding ray of light, with custom sunshade rings lining the interior glass. Photo courtesy of Apple.

This ambitious retail project offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and Singapore’s spectacular skyline. It has a structure of a  self-supported 114 pieces of glass with only 10 narrow vertical mullions for structural connection. The dome’s streamlined panels are curved horizontally, differing structurally and visually from geodesic designs more commonly found in dome architecture.

The store’s layout is split between three distinctive zones. The first is an open-air, inclined boardwalk rising from the shore and marked with a small Apple signpost. The boardwalk connects to the dome, where 10 tables and 10 trees are arranged in a unique radial pattern around the perimeter. 

Photo courtesy of 9to5mac.

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, an oculus located at the apex of the dome provides a flooding ray of light that travels through the space. The interior of the glass is lined with custom baffles, each uniquely shaped to counter sun angles and provide a nighttime lighting effect. With trees lining the interior of the dome, the green garden city of Singapore flows into the store, providing additional shading and soft shadows through the foliage.


Making their whole brand about humanizing technology.

Photo courtesy of 9to5mac.

“Apple Marina Bay Sands will be at the heart of creativity, a place we’ve made for you to capture your ideas and passions,” Apple said on its teaser site for the store.

Visitors entering the store encounter a dramatic reveal into the massive volume of the dome, where they can explore curated Apple products and accessories, receive personal technical support from Geniuses, or simply take in the stunning view of Marina Bay.

The Forum will serve as the stage for Singapore’s artists, musicians, and creatives for Today at Apple sessions. Photo courtesy of Apple.

The Forum is centered around a Video Wall, which will serve as the stage for Today at Apple sessions featuring Singapore’s artists, musicians, and creators. Entrepreneurs and developers interested in receiving training and advice can meet with Apple team members in Apple’s first underwater Boardroom, located on the lower level of the store.

Apple’s rich history in Singapore spans more than 40 years, beginning with the first corporate office in Ang Mo Kio. In 1981, the team was responsible for producing the majority of printed circuit boards for Apple II computers worldwide. Since then, Apple has expanded its corporate and retail presence, and now supports over 55,000 jobs across the entire Apple ecosystem.

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