Aurelia Residences: A New Sense of Luxurious Living

view from the aurelia residences
Stunning views and sophisticated designs are provided in Aurelia Residences. Photo courtesy of AsiaTatler.

Upscale developer Shang Robinsons Properties Inc. is set to change the skyline of Bonifacio Global City with its first-ever high-end project. Along with Shang Properties, Inc. and Robinsons Land Corporation, Aurelia Residences will bring a new sense of luxurious living defined by elegance and style.

This 17-billion project is a three-tower residential building that provides commanding views across the city and beyond. A three-petal form of building has a stunning view to the north, like the Manila Golf Club, Forbes Park and the Makati skyline with Manila Bay on the horizon. While to the South-East, the serene view of Laguna Bay in the distance.

layout plan of aurelia residences
This petal form building is set to open in 2023. Photo courtesy of Shang Condos.

Aurelia Residences provides a collection of 280 bespoke homes with maximized floor-to-ceiling windows in every area of the unit including a spacious balcony. Inspired by sprezzatura – an effortless and understated sense of classic Italian elegance, the design is envisioned as a new standard of luxury.

“We are bringing an unprecedented brand of elegance and luxury,” said executive director of Shang Properties Wilfred Woo as he enjoined guests to experience the Aurelia Residences show suite. “Our vision is to offer effortlessly elegant living within an urban landscape, especially one that is as fast-paced as what we have here in BGC,” he added.

Ranging from 22sqm up to 430sqm each room, the well-appointed suites are amendable of having either two or three bedrooms, entertainment room, kitchen, spacious wardrobes in each room and an open layout living room extended to the balcony and dining room. Design details have been meticulously thought of, highlighting excellent Italian craftsmanship.

With a history of providing luxury service to homeowners across the nation, Ayala Land Premier gets ready to unveil its newest project.

Furthermore, although the floor-to-ceiling windows offer unparalleled views of the cityscape, the architects wanted to maximize energy by not only letting-in natural light but also natural air with secured and risk-free ventilation windows.

render for aurelia residences
The proposed rendered home in Aurelia Residences. Photo courtesy of Sky Scraper City.

Aside from luxe living spaces, resort-style amenities are provided making it the site’s lifestyle ticket. This 6,000 sqm property is able to provide a beautifully designed resort-inspired pool and pool deck area that connects to a canopy room with a stunning outdoor view for probate functions. Speaking of function rooms, an over 400sqm of designed private function spaces is included within the property that can be extended to the outdoor area of the pool.

function space of aurelia residences
Proposed function space in Aurelia Residences. Photo courtesy of Aurelia-Residences website.

Other exclusive amenities like home cinema, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, as well as a well-equipped gym, is made to stand as a double investment for the investors.

“We designed the function room in a very Filipino way, as we know that when families and friends have a party they want to do as much as they can and thus, the need for space”

Aurelia Residences derives its name from aureus, which is the Latin root word for gold; and aura,  a distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, thing, or place. The intricate design of  Aurelia Residences forgoes the ornamental and the excessive, but its inherent sprezzatura lasts through an overall enveloping feel of home and relaxation. (Philippine Tatler)

“I want to describe Aurelia Residences with five keywords: authenticity, comfort, quality, detail, and cultured,” said Francesca, designer, and founder of FM Architettura d’Interni. Truly, the elegance of the homes in Aurelia Residences lies in the truthful reflection of their residents—their candidness with their own comfort and coziness, with the durability of their surroundings, their individuality, and personal homage to their home cultures. These are the things that matter, and that last. (Philippine Tatler)

It is indeed that world-class design fits into the landscape that embodies an effortless and understated sense of classic sophistication.

Planning to purchase a home at Aurelia Residences? Incorporate an elegant Japanese minimalist design at your home to enjoy the well-crafted features of Aurelia Residences.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a design and build specialist when it comes to crafting luxury and functionality in one. Inspired by Japanese philosophy and style, TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.   

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

TGRはマカティの高級インテリアデザイン、リノベーション、会社です。TGRは 住宅および商業 スペースの為のデザインと建築を提供 し ております。お問い合わせは 、02832 1676 にお電話いただくか、 電子メール へ送信 お願いします。


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