Bathtub Vs. Shower in the Bathroom: Which One Do You Need?

Bathtub Vs. Shower in the Bathroom: Which One Do You Need?

Admit it – the bathtub from the film you just watched caught your attention. More often than not, you are tempted to take a quick plunge of relaxation, surrounded with fragrant, aromatic bath bombs. That rosy lavender smell from the soothing warm water is calling you and tempting you – but then you realize, you have a shower.

Exactly which between the bathtub and the more-common shower should you choose? Below, TGR weighed four considerations that you must ponder on before continuing with the renovation.


Suppose that you are deliberating to change your shower for a tub. The very first factor that you must consider is the size of your space. Is your bathroom large enough to accommodate the basin? The tub is there to help you relax. Check the size of the space first, in order to maximize.

Bathtub Vs. Shower in the Bathroom: Which One Do You Need?


Assess the family members residing in the house: are there children, or the elderly? For a home full of kids, a tub might be a great choice. But for those who are taking extra care of people with little flexibility in movement, a shower will do better. The tub, or the shower, aren’t there for decoration – each has its own purpose, and selection will depend on them.

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Bathtub Vs. Shower in the Bathroom: Which One Do You Need?


Clearly, a shower is more cost-efficient and has a lower water usage than the tub. The U.S. Geological Survey has tallied that on average, water cost for a showerhead is at 2 gallons per minute, making a 10-minute shower equal to 20 gallons of water. Meanwhile, the tub has an average of 36 gallon-requirement in order to be full, making the shower the winner of the match. It’s a different story, however, when you spend 45 minutes in the shower. That way, a bathtub will definitely work better for you.

Bathtub Vs. Shower in the Bathroom: Which One Do You Need?


In actuality, all renovation choices come down to this question: how much is your expected amount of investment? Changing an already-existing tub with a newer basin might cost you a cheaper price, but remodeling your bathroom and doing a shift from a shower to a bath (or vice versa) might be more expensive. It is best to pair your remodeling purpose with your budget, to ensure that you are making the right renovation decision.

Bathtub Vs. Shower in the Bathroom: Which One Do You Need?

Bathroom remodeling, however, should not be a hasty decision. A fifth probable idea is considering a collaboration with an interior design team. With their range of expertise and knowledge to the field, your renovation worries will be given explanations and be offered solutions.

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