Beauty Inside and Out: How to Create a Lovely Window Box for Your Home

A window box filled with florals in a home in Germany. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Blooming with colorful annual flowers, perennials, or lush succulents, window boxes are those extra touches you’ve long desired to grace your home’s exterior. With a window box, the possibilities are endless. You can have a herb garden, succulent, and even a mini greenhouse.

Who says a window box can be only added to your window? Indoor flower boxes are a thing and we are living for it. Not only do indoor flower boxes add more greenery to your home, but they also blend the indoors and outdoors, making you feel more connected to nature.

For this article, Tokyo Grand Renovation has made the window box design easier for you. For someone who is living in an apartment or a house, this project is definitely worth the try.


You can add window boxes to any of your windows. The important thing to keep in mind is choosing the right size window box for your window. Keep these three things in mind:

  1. You will want to put smaller window boxes on small windows, and larger window boxes on larger windows.
  2. The height of the box should be about 25 percent of the height of your window.
  3. Lastly, take the amount of sunlight the window receives into consideration before you choose a window box. If the window receives direct sunlight all day, you will not want a metal or dark-colored window box.

Ready to start your window box journey? Here is a step by step project from The Spruce on how to create a window box on your own.

A window box requires frequent, sometimes daily, watering, so ensure that you can easily reach them. They should be at least 12 inches deep (to give plants enough room to root and grow) and have adequate drainage. Photo courtesy of Country Living.


Now, you have just concluded that having a window box is not possible at your place. Do not fret. A window box can be also used as a flower box. Add a rustic alfresco look to your interior space with these ideas.

Why not take your window box inside of your house. Photo courtesy of SmallHouse Tips.

A flower box made out of shipping pallets serves as a seriously adorable indoor succulent garden. Additionally, succulents are low maintenance plants that anyone can take care of when they are beginners in the gardening world.


With less risk than having a full room painted or accent walls, this process will surely capture the eyes of anyone.

Even cut flowers can take on a flower box feel. Photo courtesy of Pinecone Home.

Flower boxes as a centerpiece can be a game-changer for your home. It is much more convenient to carry these boxes compared to vases due to smaller or limited plants can be placed on these boxes.

Photo courtesy of Make It Love it.

You do your cooking indoors, so it makes sense that you’d want your herbs there and at the ready for recipes. Plant them in Mason jars and keep them together in a pallet box. Handles make it easy to move them in and out of the light.

Window boxes offer a simple way to create a self-contained garden in a limited space. Choose flowering plants, trailing plants, a herb garden, or simple lavender with these lovely projects.

Wanting to upgrade your gardening game? Talk to our expert architects and designers today. Give it a timeless, positive look with Japanese design.  

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