Breeze Block: A Material Redeemed

office with breeze block partitions

With the resurgence of all things mid-century modern, breeze blocks are coming back into vogue. You may be wondering why is it called a breeze block. For starters, it doesn’t literally block the air but instead, it helps the home’s ventilation. They are cinder blocks that have been cut out in such a way that when stacked together they make an eye-catching graphic pattern.

This architectural piece can be usually found in places where the climate is hot. Back in the ’60s, breeze blocks or sometimes known as screen blocks were extremely popular. 

The appreciation of these blocks is high because of its beauty and durability. They offer weather protection, privacy, and ventilation. All these pros come with an added ornamental bonus of a romantic dappled light that casts overlapping shadows, adding a poetic element to a home.

Usually associated with ancestral or holiday feeling, breeze blocks are so widely used before, you can almost see them anywhere but on the exterior part of the home. Now, architects have been using it as a great alternative to flimsy partitions. They are so versatile it can be used in most rooms of the house.

breeze block garden walls
A house extension celebrating the idyll of the rear garden with a fine level of craft. Photo courtesy of Architecture AU

Breeze blocks can be used as a wall because of their significant weight-bearing. It is a practical way to display heavier items to create more space illusion. One thing that makes these blocks stand out because it is the perfect breathable structure while giving a more inviting look to your guests. Several garden rooms can be created with enough number of land.

breeze block ceiling
Aiga Spa in Brazil Photo courtesy of Architizer.

With the rise of the minimalist trend, breeze blocks offer an effective option for designers to consider. The breeze block made as a substitute ceiling in this interior generates a neutral and clean aesthetic that underlines the beauty of the area. They are usually linked to the traditional brise soleil, any kind of sun baffle installed outside the skin of a building. It stops the heat before it enters the area’s envelope.


In this 104-sqm unit at Shang Salcedo residences, it is all about combining creative space-saving solutions with a unique design style.

kitchen counter breeze block
Modern kitchen idea with breeze blocks on it. Photo courtesy of Houzz

A breeze block screen wall can be a beautiful thing – the pattern of each individual block adding to a greater whole, and a larger pattern, when they’re used en masse.

Like clothes, architectural designs come and go. If you can remember, there are parts of our childhood that these blocks are a hit. They may be currently modish, but in a few years, they’ll be testaments again of a past design or construction, as all buildings and materials inevitably are.

Architectural designs are more than just frivolous construction, they tell about a building’s values, concerns and more especially its culture, in a particular location at a particular time.

Even though the breeze block is a story of an ornament, modern architects are exploring new modes of surface and material making the breeze blocks part of the movement. The uniqueness of the pattern and geometry, adornment and richness in the surface of structures is something so valuable.

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