Spruce Up Your Carpet Design Game with Solenn Heussaff’s Designer Rugs

Spruce Up Your Carpet Design Game with Solenn Heussaff's Designer Rugs

From sustainable swimwear collaboration with Body Party and Save the Palawan Seas made from recycled fishnets and plastic bottles, this woman of all trades is now venturing on home decoration as she launches her artistic designer rug collection inspired from the beauty of nature meets a burst of vibrant color. This time, actress and artist Solenn Heusaff partners with Studio Soliven in intricately crafting unique carpet designs that are custom-made for each distinct client.

Solenn, who as been keen on painting artworks that are usually in the style of socialist realism, dives in a different course for her carpet designs which are borderline abstract and environmental. A frustrated interior designer, this woman of action refuses to cage herself in a single work conquering the realm of home décor to wrap up this year. In an interview with Real Living, she shares that partnering with Studio Soliven would be a fun way of sharing her art.

“I’ve always been a fan of interiors and I’m a frustrated interior designer myself. When I met Marco (Soliven) of Studio Soliven, I thought it would be a fun way of sharing my art."


Studio Soliven is a high-end home décor company in the Philippines that specializes in custom-made art prints and carpet designs crafted for exclusive clients catering for residential and commercial markets. From budding flowers to ferocious tigers, Solenn’s carpet line delves into the beauty of nature and the wildlife for inspiration. In design, it takes an eye-catching art for a carpet to be the focal point of the room; Solenn’s bold artistic paintings transformed into these soft and cozy statement rugs really hit the mark.

There is a calming yet enticing effect when you look at Solenn’s carpet designs perhaps from the therapeutic energy which the kingdom of flora and fauna exude. In the age of modernity, as humans immersed themselves further into the depths of technology and social media, it becomes easy for us to turn our backs to the simple things that we can find in the environment. This conflicting reality we absentmindedly battle every day became Solenn’s driving force in crafting her designer rugs – an art in the form of a home décor which helps us find our way to serenity amidst our bustling lives.

“I have this obsession with nature and how beautiful simple things are. We are so caught up in the world of technology and curation that we tend to forget that the most beautiful things in life are the simple things around us that were given to us.”

Check out these color scheme based on iconic shows for some home interior ideas.


Solenn x Studio Soliven showcases three various carpet design categories from the exclusive Solenn Home and Solenn Designs to the altruistic Kids Take HeART. Solenn Home is pre-designed by the artist herself, allowing Solenn to let her creativity flow with each brush stroke on a white canvas all the way to the weave of various fibers. With only three carpets produced per each design, Solenn Home preserves the authenticity and uniqueness of each statement rug. Meanwhile, Solenn Designs are limited edition and tailor-made based on every little detail preferred by each customer. Solenn Designs are crafted one at a time assuring that no one owns the same art nor the same carpet style.

“The thing is, the carpets, we make them as we go since it’s a one-of-a-kind thing and it’s one piece per design. We can’t just produce all my designs and we only order them when someone orders the carpet."


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YES to relaxing mornings like this when Manila is free of honking cars.

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If you want to get your kids’ hands dirty and to engage them in an artistic activity away from the screens of their smart phones, Kids Take HeART is the perfect carpet design choice for a more personalized home interior. For this carpet style, Solenn will be assisting your little one in a one hour painting class and later on materializing the finished artwork, with a bit of color tweaking to match the interior of the buyer’s home, on a one-of-a-kind designer rug cheerfully designed by your kids. What sets this carpet design apart from commercialized ones is its partnership with a non-profit foundation supporting the dreams of underprivileged children in Negros Occidental. For each Kids Take HeART carpet purchased, 20% of the proceeds goes to helping the children of Kalipay Foundation.

Solenn’s carpet designs carefully handcrafted by local artisans are put together using only high quality carpet fibers from New Zealand wool, bamboo, jute that can stand the test of time. Solenn’s newly built multi-storey house which she dubbed as #CasaSosBolz sports some of her designer rugs complementing the “Jungly, Havana, Moroccan chic” interior of her home.

A good statement rug makes a whole lot of difference for your home interior. Not only does it define the style of a particular room, it also gives character to your home.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR), a Japanese design and build, is eager to help you discuss your carpet design ideas for your home interior. Conveniently located in the leading business district in Metro Manila, TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at  info@tgr.com.ph.

TGRはマカティの高級インテリアデザイン、リノベーション、会社です。TGRは 住宅および商業 スペースの為のデザインと建築を提供 し ております。お問い合わせは 、02832 1676 にお電話いただくか、 電子メール info@tgr.com.ph へ送信 お願いします。


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