Colors of Bread: This Bakery in Japan is Designed Like a Bread Crust

This bakery only gets better when you go inside. Photo courtesy of Tomooki Kengaku.

Bakeries always hold a special place in anyone’s heart. It reminds us of the simpler times we used to enjoy. There is no other secret for a bakery’s success other than it’s bread. However, a bakery in Japan imposes a strong identity of pursuing new possibilities in bakeshop interior design.

Located in front of Oguchi Station in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Pinocchio is not your ordinary bakery. From the outside, this humble bakery stands out due to its exterior’s warm color. Measuring at just 4.2 meters wide, Pinocchio bakery will satisfy not just your bread cravings but also your eyes.

Pinocchio is one of the examples of modern bakery design Photo courtesy of Tomooki Kengaku.

Design Studio called I IN decorated the bakery to match the delicacies sold inside. It has been also shortlisted in the Dezeen Awards 2020 in the small retail interior category.

The interior and exterior walls are lined with a textured material in a golden color reminiscent of the crust of fresh bread or a puff pastry croissant. Additionally, baked goods are displayed on minimalist wooden shelves, giving customers a sense of intimacy with the bakery.

Pinocchio is spelled out in a slim, sans serif font above the doorway. Photo courtesy of Tomooki Kengaku.

“Vivid gradient and soft textures that express the quality and color of the bread are spread both inside and outside the store,” added the studio.

"It expresses the soft charm of the bread itself and allows the customer to feel the world of bread with their entire body."

“A plasterer who works in the performing arts collaborated with us,” said the studio. “Along with the vivid color, the surface has a dense and bold texture.”


This project of ours could be your next getaway when going South.

Two rows of minimal floating shelves line the walls. Photo courtesy of Tomooki Kengaku.

Inside, the ceilings have been painted to match the crust-colored walls. A corridor of wooden floorboards runs down the center of the shop, flanked by corridors of flooring that have been delicately sponge-painted in bready colors.

The bakery has only 30 square meters of floor space, so the designers created an uncluttered interior that focuses on the products.

The bakery interior features crust-colored walls. Photo courtesy of Tomooki Kengaku.

Two rows of minimal floating shelves made of wood run along both walls and around corners. Spotlights on the ceiling and under the topmost shelves bathe the baked goods in a soft glow.

Pinocchio’s image is far removed from the traditional bakery which we are used to. But defying slightly defying the rules may result in understated elegance and art.

Photo courtesy of Tomooki Kengaku.

Planning to design your own bakery? Give it a timeless, positive look with Japanese interior design.  

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