Comfort in Elegance: Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty is Now in Makati

Theme: Modern Tokyo Elegance Location: Makati City

Whether you’re aiming to look like your favorite celebrity or just wanna pamper yourself, visiting a beauty salon is indeed therapeutic. Known as one of the pioneers of Japanese beauty here in the Philippines, Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty has now finally opened a branch in Makati City. Kiyosa Salon is known for its proudly authentic Japanese craft for nail and eyelash designing.

This 92 square meter beauty salon is composed of four working stations, eyelash, hair, nail, and the reception area. Since consistency is important, Kiyosa Salon has partnered with Tokyo Grand Renovation for providing elegance in the comfort of what a beauty salon should be. 


Residing at the heart of the metro, Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty’s third branch is all about Modern Tokyo Vibes with the touch of elegance. Making it perfect for every city goer trying to be updated with the latest beauty trends.

The main theme used for this project is layering shades of white with a few earth tones and a staple city color which is blue. The purpose of these colors is to make the space feel wider than it’s actual measurement. One of the first visitors even mentioned that the space feels much bigger than 92 sqm.

Soft off-white matte walls combined with textures create elegant hallways and an eye-catching reception area, while pearly whites transform the beauty area into light-reflecting havens. Not to mention, proudly Japanese made wallpapers are used for this project.

From natural white to the richest vanilla, white is anything but the absence of color – by combining various shades, the overall look can range from comforting and warm, to crisp and vibrant.


Tokyo Grand Renovation‘s talented team of designers took into consideration the very essence of what the place is selling and combining it with the trends in today’s generation.


Not only those Kiyosa Salon’s interior will give you an elegant city vibe but the services too. Upon entering, a very noticeable locker area is placed at the reception area. Who would have thought that this storage cabinet is a luxury item?

This customized cabinet is made for clients for them to be able to enjoy Kiyosa Salon’s service without worrying about their belongings. It is made up of marine plywood and aluminum sheets which can deal with moisture. Inside of it is a luminous and soft velvet cloth with cushion to be able to provide the utmost care of the client’s belongings.

When a customer enters a salon, the noticeable area, which is the reception is where usually the logo of the salon is placed. However, for this project, the designer has that thought that it should be rightfully placed in the opposite direction of the counter. According to the designer that the placement of the logo of the salon may also serve as a photoshoot area. Other than featuring the client’s vogue hairstyle, the subtle logo on the background will become part of the overall branding.


Think about a city skyline like how it gives a vertical feeling into it. Giving more definition to the elegant city vibes, Kiyosa salon’s floor plan has mezzanine added into it. Originating from the Italian word mezzano that translates to ‘middle’, mezzanines are smart and functional spaces which, quite literally, uplift the appeal of your interiors!

To provide a high-quality service also equates to having a functional space for your customers and employees. This architectural interest provides a new purpose for a different portion of the same space. It can be seen that the eyelash area is located at the mezzanine, making it a ‘treatment area’ were private and a bit tedious services should be done.

When it comes to salon interiors, every square inch of space is vital, and making the most of it is one of our goals in this project. With a sense of rhythm and adding a touch of the ‘city’ into it, Kiyosa Salon is now able to lives under the saying “make women shine more”

Give you commercial space a a timeless, positive look with Japanese interior design.  

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a design and build specialist when it comes to crafting luxury and functionality in one. Inspired by Japanese philosophy and style, TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.   

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

TGRはマカティの高級インテリアデザイン、リノベーション、会社です。TGRは 住宅および商業 スペースの為のデザインと建築を提供 し ております。お問い合わせは 、02832 1676 にお電話いただくか、 電子メール へ送信 お願いします。


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