Comfort Mixed with Style: Achieving a Pet-Friendly Home for your Furry Pals

Comfort Mixed with Style: Achieving a Pet-Friendly Home for your Furry Pals
CAT IN GOLD STAIRS - image courtesy of Claue Missi

As the night sky falls deeper and the city lights timidly dance to the rhythm of the drowsy citizens, you are awakened by the startling sound of your howling Golden Retriever, Max. Your furry best friend is having a gallbladder emergency and being the obedient pal that he is, he takes his potty training seriously and he insists to pee in the bathroom. This minor inconvenience on your part could have been preemptively evaded have you considered on getting a pet-friendly home.

"Pet owners should religiously commit to the unspoken rule that pets are extended family members… "

Raising pets connotes more than just providing them the basic necessities to survive and owning one definitely negates the implication that pets are only for display of high status. Primarily, each and every pet owners should religiously commit to the unspoken rule that pets are extended family members and hence, their comfort over any interior style matters. In this case, designing a home that is not restrictive to pets often indicates jeopardizing the aesthetics of your home but these stylish yet cozy pet-friendly home design ideas will prove this misconception wrong.


Constructing a relaxing and appropriate haven for your furry pals does not have to be a complex or tearing your hair out kind of task. Making certain adjustments to your interior for your pets’ comfort is the only formula that a responsible pet owner should chew over when revamping their homes. Resorting to these pet-suitable interior design techniques either for your bedroombathroom or kitchen will surely make you a hero in the eyes of your best buddy.

DOG IN A WOOD FLOORING KITCHEN - image courtesy of Lava

Pet-proofing is the key

The initial and most crucial step towards effectively refurbishing your place into a pet-friendly home is taking into consideration the larger aspects of your interior – from your walls down to your flooring. 

PET-FRIENDLY FLOORING IDEAS – images courtesy of The Study | Traditional Home 

Shedding is inevitable for furry animals. Leaving traces of their stubborn fur on your sofa fabric but most noticeably on your wall to wall carpet is a mortal sin in maintaining the cleanliness of your bedroom and living room spaces. Hence, steering away from carpets or any sort of cloth material for your flooring should be carried out for hygienic and easier to clean floors. Investing in expensive wood flooring that has a scratch-resistant finish is a wiser interior design choice for pet owners. Yet, if you are leaning towards the interior style that maximizing every nook and cranny of your home is more attractive than allowing negative space to do the talking, then placing a huge rug that has a stain-resistant and non-toxic material in the middle of the room would positively not hurt your overall interior style.

PET-FRIENDLY WALL IDEAS – images courtesy of Divisare | Rients Ltd | Archdaily | Etsy

Apart from your squeaky floors, your furry pals also tend to get their nails and teeth against your walls damaging your perfect interior paint finish and high-end wallpaper coverings. For a pet-friendly home design on your walls, applying a semigloss paint that is much more stain-resistant and has better cleanability rather than a flat or matte finish will spare you the hassle of a major repainting every now and then. However, also bear in mind that the quality of the paint plays a major role in this – a low quality semigloss would most likely be damaged than a high grade matte wall finish.


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Spice it up with pet-friendly home decors

A pet-friendly home is often times associated with risking the overall interior style of your place; but a suitable haven for your animal buddies can be centered on their comfort and solace yet at the same time, incorporating some chic and trendy home décors for a sophisticated ambiance. Installing their very own bathroom spa in the utility room or in an extra room would provide utmost convenience by saving you the trouble of bathing them in places which will create mess that is tedious to clean up.

"...but a suitable haven for your animal buddies can be centered on their comfort and solace yet at the same time, incorporating some chic and trendy home décors for a sophisticated ambiance."

Moreover, setting up stylish pet doors on cabinets for a subtle look will allow you greater freedom to leave your furry pals inside a room without worrying that they might get trapped. Constructing built in feeding bowls inside base cabinets is a great space saving and storage hack for pet owners. Utilizing all spaces of your place is also a smart interior hack to fill in and dedicate awkward and empty parts of your home to your best buddy – creating a bed for them under your staircase or perhaps transforming an unoccupied corner of your living room as their playground.

PET-FRIENDLY HOME DECORATIONS – images courtesy of Home Talk | Kohler | Odesign Ideas | Dwell | Pinterest | The11Best | Southern Living | Etsy | Traditional Home | Claire Bell Studio | Muji

Since your furry pals have a strong urge to chew on various home decors, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to make certain adjustments to his interior particularly on the kind of fabric to use. A durable rug, sofa or bed to nap on with a pet-appropriate kind of fabric is what every pet deserves. Veer away from tough to clean and fragile fabrics – Linen, Silk, Wool, Chenille, and Tweed and instead search for those that are resistant to fur and stains such Leather, Velvet, Denim, Crypton and Ultrasuede. Choose a color palette that hides your pets’ fur and at the same time complements the pattern and style of your overall pet-friendly home interior.

An additional tip is to install an aromatherapy diffuser not only to keep the pet odor away but also to keep your hyper or stressed animal buddies calm with any citrus and floral scent lingering in your bedroom.

PET-FRIENDLY HOME DESIGNS – images courtesy of Pink Peonies | The Study | Ettitude | Domino 

Above all, value pet care

Lastly, on top of these interior style or pet-suitable home decors for your condominium, taking care of your pets’ hygiene and overall well-being is still the epitome of a pet-friendly home interior. A responsible and humane pet owner does not only make sure that his loyal buddy is properly groomed or sheltered in a home that is aesthetically pleasing but also takes into serious consideration that his pet’s mental and physical health are his principal obligation as his trusted best pal. Comfort and style in designing the perfect home interior for your furry pals can coexist as long as your pet’s happiness remains your superior priority.

Comfort Mixed with Style: Achieving a Pet-Friendly Home for your Furry Pals
PUPPY IN A FAUX FUR CLOUD COUCH - image courtesy of StepahnieSterjovski

Our furry pals constantly shower us with nothing but love and loyalty, the least we can do as their greatest buddy is to provide them a purr-fect and awoof-zing home interior centered on their well-being.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is eager to help you discuss your interior design ideas for the comfort of your furry pals. Conveniently located in the leading business district in Metro Manila, TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

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