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Interior Design and Build Packages

デザイン ビルド パッケージ

Luxury Style


Aesthetics and Functionality Combined |Comfortable Living | Prevalent Styles

Modern Style


Practical and Convenient Design | Small Space Interior| Environmentally Friendly

Basic Package


Live Ambiance|Personal Touch|Museum at Home

Design Package


Customize Interior Design|Personal Touch|Vacation at Home

Art Gallery


Lively Ambience |Personal Touch| Museum at Home



Aesthetics and Functionality Combined | Comfortable Living | Prevalent Styles

California Vintage​​

カリフォルニア ビンテージ​​

Refreshing and Fun | Coastal Style | Vacation at Home

Our Works and Projects

As a Japanese interior renovation company in Metro Manila, Tokyo Grand Renovation has provided elegant renovation for commercial and residential spaces alike. Our expertise in building luxury and functional designs range and extend from office fit out to house renovation, which gives diversity to our clientele and to the scope of our completed projects.

Interior Design Inspirations and Home Improvement Blog
Tokyo Grand Renovation doesn’t just offer you design and build – we also give room design ideas from our in-house experts and provide insights on latest design trends. The philosophy and functionality of our designs are in constant research and development, and we want to share our practices by publishing and providing house renovation, interior décor and room design ideas.

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