How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?

How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?

Getting ahead of the technology curve, a smart home interior is drastically revolutionizing how people live today. It is pegged as “the home of the future” where most mundane tasks are finally things in the past and convenience is right at your fingertips. With a little research and creativity, gearing your home with techy devices can provide limitless possibilities towards an advanced lifestyle.

If you have been wondering where to start in your “smart” home interior journey, here are five pieces to help you get started with.


Whereas every automation promotes innovation as a way of life, voice assistants continue to fast-track even the smallest tasks while providing you with a committed sidekick. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lone alpha or a family man, these artificial intelligence (AI) assistants serve as dependable companions.

How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?
Image courtesy of: IoT News

Pick your AI tribe among Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. With latest software updates, these AI assistants can now answer countless questions, no matter how random, ranging from big or small topics. Not only that, they also respond to tasks making your day-to-day lifestyle fun-filled and efficient. Have your assistant play your favorite tune, set up timers, adjust thermostat, or simply hear you out when you want to talk about almost everything under the sun.


The use of smart lighting saves utility cost as much as it saves energy, a clever investment to those painting their dream home within an austere cost. Creativity wise, there are a variety of smart bulbs out there that you can experiment on to achieve great ambience. Unlike traditional bulbs, you get the luxury of control with smart bulbs.

How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?
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The best part about these smart bulbs is you can control them with an AI compatible assistant or even your smartphone. This feature lets you command your smart home interior when you’re near or away on vacation. Now, leaving the light on no longer possess a problem.


While some smart home interior innovation may value at a premium, the comfort you get always compensates to it. One proof is this Family Hub Smart Refrigerator by Samsung which will actually make you “rethink” your food storage choices.

How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?
Image courtesy of Samsung

Perfect for families with hectic schedule, Family Hub is not your usual steel icebox. Sleek, intelligent, and spacious – it stores your food, lets you shop food via app, streams music, gives meal recommendations, searches for delectable recipes, and so much more. It also detects expiry dates, a plus factor to healthy buffs. These information are displayed through a handsome screen embedded on the refrigerators upper right exterior which you can either talk to or touch.


How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?
Image courtesy of Gadget Flow

Other good examples of a “smart” home interior idea include Bang and Olufsen intelligent speakers which resonate functionalism and perfected acoustic sound. Take Beolab 90, a speaker technology meant to spoil both the visual and auricular senses. Just one look and you’ll know it has a purpose right at the best spot in your smart home interior living room, or beside your acoustic drums inside the music room.

It is engineered with advanced active noise cancellation system for an impressive produce. The best part? You can personalise its look as you order – from fabric colours, aluminium tones, to wood types.


In case you’re a fan of smartwatches and fitness trackers, you would love to invest on Sleep Number’s 360 Smart bed. It has everything you need for a bed, except that it does more using its biometric sensors to help you assess and manage your sleeping habits. Connected to your smartphone, the comfortable mattress hid a motor and air tubes inside which functions as controls to the bed’s firmness.

How Do You Creatively Style a High-Tech, Smart Home Interior?
Image courtesy of PC Mag

For starters, the bed will find the right Sleep number for you (ranging from 1-100, 100 being the firmest). You’ll also get access to your SleepIQ score, your heart rate, and even your breathing activities per minute. Considered as a hefty investment, this smart home interior idea may improve your overall sleep quality.

Mixing this techy items up is the key to a creative smart home interior. From your preferred AI assistant to a bulky smart refrigerator, an expert renovation team can save you tons of work, money, and worries.

Start integrating an automation system into your smart home interior. Get the home of the future right now, contact Tokyo Grand Renovation for further details and discussion.

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