Dare to be Bold: The Utter Beauty of Concrete Walls

concrete and wood designed office
Minimal office design that allows simplicity and diversity to co-exist. Photo courtesy of The Architect’s Diary

Bare beams, visible duct work, and pipes. These have been the recent ambiance in establishments and it’s safe to say that the industrial interior design is fast winning converts around the world. To the many, the concept of having a stripped-down interior makes it odd. But due to its eye-catching look, concrete walls has now been embraced as an asset to interior design.

One distinguishing factor of the industrial interior design is concrete walls. Despite the fact that the general opinion considers concrete as rough, cold and an austere material, with a proper process and appropriate treatment, concrete is comparable with the luxury of granite and marble. The material is versatile while having it on your walls – it is nothing but inviting.


Leaving exposed structural and mechanical elements may be the signature feature of the industrial interior design industry. Making it as the boldest move the design world has seen in a while. The industrial interior design challenged the classical architectural categories while continuing to use the basic concepts and definitions of comfort.

modern and concrete designed kitchen
A minimalist kitchen with a touch of modern with concrete. Photo courtesy of Inside Decor.

People began converting their spaces with practicality and creativity to work together to create this trend. Unfamiliarity may be the key concept of why people are switching to industrial design, but the thing is it offers an interesting opportunity to juxtapose the bare with the refined, the sleek and modern with the touch of vintage and classic.

While industrial themed homes speak simplicity, there are a lot more possibilities to it. Starting with empty space is ideal if you’re opting for industrial interior design. Space can be used as a black canvass by adding elements that have function towards overall home management.


Concrete walls create an eye-catching interior design feature that suits different  variety of styles. A good design will take advantage of the unique properties of concrete and will accent on its decorative value. The stripped back design adds warmth and personality of a room when paired with simple interior design. The thing about concrete walls is not about trying to blend with the fusty feel of concrete, but bringing out the best out of the walls with soul.

Concrete in an accesible material and budget friendly. Acquiring a concrete wall does not make a significant financial investment. Additionaly, concrete has excellent wear resistance and environmental characteristics While concrete walls are usually seen on minimalist themed homes, it may bring the room’s functionality a lot more by adding accents like subdued in palette, letting the texture shine, or it can celebrate random layers of mismatched but ultimately complimentary colors.

wooden bathroom

The finished texture of concrete walls are usually indfenite but it finishes the work very well in every interior design theme. Adding some bright and bold accessories, modern part paintings or sculptures can result into an inspiring and impressive room. Some interesting combinations are visual contrast between the rough texture of concrete walls and the smoothness of glass.

Another key factor to maximize the use of concrete wall is to have more light. Concrete should be carefully paired to avoid dark and unpleasant atmosphere inside the room. It is recommended that concrete walls in a small apartment is well illuminated preferably by natural light.


Take a closer look at the various Japanese techniques on crafting these elegant wall coverings.

concrete and wood living room

Wood is another notable factor that should be paired with concrete walls. The warmth of the wood balances the concete. While wood furniture and wooden floors can soften the coldness of concrete giving it more of a homey mood.

Concrete as a decoration for the walls in the apartment may not be to the taste of everyone. This is understandable as we are different people, with different tastes, lifestyle and individuality. Concrete is a product of creativity in interior design. It’s a blank canvass that can be incorporated in any visual effect.

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