Designing a Nursery Room: The Minimalist Way

This minimalist nursery room will add your style and personality to it with pillows, artwork, and a fun side table-lamp combo. Photo courtesy of Modsy.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting phases of life. However, the process can be a bit overwhelming especially for first-time parents. It’s easy to get carried away with adorable baby decor, furniture, and even toys when planning for your child’s nursery room. In this article, Tokyo Grand Renovation will show why minimalism is the way to go in creating a nursery room.

In today’s time, minimalism is more than just a design style. It is keeping things simple to enjoy functionality and convenience. There may be different interpretations of minimalism in the design world, in this article, we will convey lean minimalism more into a lifestyle. This about investing a few quality pieces that you’ll love for your nursery room.


One of the harshest truths when having a baby is that they indeed bring clutter. Since they easily grow up, there are times an item from last month may not be used by the baby this month. Since clutter may be easily found in a nursery room, we suggest investing in storage. You can have a custom-built cabinet that is designed for the child’s needs.

The rustic style adds tons of warmth inside the nursery room with light wood tones and pale green hues. Photo courtesy of Modsy Blog.

Despite having storage closets, remember the rule of minimalism. If you bring something into the room, you bring one out also. This rule may help you process the things that are actually needed inside the nursery room.

Each person’s needs are different. The more time you spend with your little one, the more you’ll know what items that are helpful for you and your child.


It is obvious that the first months with the baby is that you’ll be spending your whole time with the little one. Investing in a chair in your nursery room will serve multipurpose reasons while getting the most out of a room.

Nothing will go wrong with an all-white nursery room. Photo courtesy of Cloudinary.

The chair will serve as your throne inside the nursery room as you read your little one a story or for bouncing them up and down while they cry through the night. Choose a comfy and a bit larger chair that you would be happy to sleep in. This is one of the purchases that you’ll surely need inside a nursery room.


As the newest member of the family, you’d want to give your newborn the VIP treatment by giving him or her a VIP quality baby room.


Since we mentioned before that this article leans incorporating the minimalist lifestyle into your nursery room, we suggest having a focal point in the room. Now in interior design, focal points are common, now as a soon-to-be parent, we suggest in knowing what should be the focal point inside your nursery room.

The rocking chair is down to earth and sophisticated allowing the space to feel new. It's an organic material in a simple color that will get great use. Photo courtesy of Modsy.

Firstly, a focal point is the brightest part of the room. It is what a person gives attention to when they go inside a room. Now, it’s easy to say that inside a nursery room, the baby is what gives attention to who enters the room. But the focal point is what establishes the area of design you feel most important.

The storage area must not be highlighted as the focal point. It adds clutter to the overall design and gives the room a messy look. -Sofia Gibson in My Sleepy Monkey.
A horse themed nursery room. Photo courtesy of Modsy.

You may have bright colored bed sheets for the baby’s crib or the background wall where the crib is located may have toys and wall decorations in the background. There are innumerable things that can be done inside your nursery room, just remember how different elements can work together.

Expecting a little one along the way? Talk to our expert Japanese designers to make the most out that nursery room.  

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