Mandaluyong Ramen Restaurant 'Jiro Has "Eat and Watch" Concept

Mandaluyong Ramen Restaurant ‘Jiro Has “Eat and Watch” Concept

Mandaluyong Ramen Restaurant 'Jiro Has "Eat and Watch" Concept

LOCATION: High Pointe Medical Hub, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

When entering Japanese restaurants, most of us default to ordering ramen above other dishes. However, only a few really give much thought on how this tasty meal is prepared. In our recent restaurant project in Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong, the interior design concept allows ramen lovers to witness the action of preparing the dish before they get to slurp the noodles.


Having a narrow space, we were not able to build a center island unlike the classic Japanese RAMEN COUNTER style. Instead, we decided to place it at the left side thus making space for an inverted L-shaped food hall.

Upon arrival of hungry customers, they can easily get a full view of the kitchen area. The trick was pulled off by a glass partition separating the actual kitchen from the food hall. It highlights the process of food preparation without overwhelming the diners from the smoke, steam, and heat of the stoves.


Another thing that makes the Ramen Jiro brand stand out is that it carries the Japanese Zen style – neatly arrange simple wooden chairs and tables without any fancy decorations to catch your eye. This technique mimics other ramen restaurants around the world where the main goal is to “focus on the ramen.”


The restaurant kitchen design itself has an open flow which is the fundamental of restaurant efficiency. It gives the chefs enough space to move and facilitate food preparation without bumping into each other. While kitchens can often be chaotic, a whole bunch of clutter is an off to live KITCHEN STYLES. With this in mind, we ensured to keep the Ramen Jiro kitchen equipment where they are needed through strategic storage systems.

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Fitting together all the design elements in Ramen Jiro is no easy feat. For those who treat the main dish as art, getting a glimpse of how it is assembled is already satisfying. By integrating minimalist design, we were able to make diners concentrate on the authentic flavor of ramen. Afterall, a delicious bowl of ramen is perfect enough in its complexity and it deserves undivided attention.

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