4 Dining Room Lighting Techniques Best for Your Home

4 Dining Room Lighting Techniques Best for Your Home

More than just a space to eat, your dining room serves a greater purpose in your overall home design. It is where festive gatherings, great stories over the meals, and memorable moments take place. Whether for everyday eating or formal dinners, your dining room lighting must be well-lit or it will fail to have that “accommodating ambiance”.

If you are still unable to decide which between vintage light fixtures or modern lighting ideas is perfect for your home, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) will help you narrow down your options to four. Be ready to explore the world of lighting and discover these secrets to level up your dining room experience.


Nothing beats a classic chandelier in creating a sophisticated dining room. This is perfect if you are looking into a contemporary and traditional mood to reign whenever you’re sitting in the table. Aside from being the focal point, the elegant hanging kitchen lights and crystals offer soft cascading lights.

Dining Room Chandelier


Oozing with versatility but never lacking in warmth, pendant light fixtures are another modern dining area ideas you can try. Popularly known as hanging kitchen lights, these fixtures are very easy to install and can be hung 30 to 35 inches above your dining table. Have it one piece to create a statement or mix them up in patterns whichever suit your preference. To accentuate the furnishings, you can establish an alluring contrast by picking a drum shade pendant lighting with an aquamarine or spa blue color.

4 Dining Room Lighting Techniques Best for Your Home

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Adjustable lights or most popularly known as track lighting are your go-to fixtures if you want to take control of the brightness in your dining area. They normally come in metallic styles which are often curved, straight, short, or long. It also helps in ensuring a balanced light and illuminated ambiance for your modern dining room.

4 Dining Room Lighting Techniques Best for Your Home
TRACK LIGHT IN YELLOW - image courtesy of HGTV


Lacking space in your dining area? Trick your family’s or visitor’s eyes using flush mount chandeliers fixtures! They are smaller in size than classic chandeliers but with the same astounding crystals. Since they only occupy a minimum ceiling space, your dining room experience won’t feel too cramped.

4 Dining Room Lighting Techniques Best for Your Home
SEMI FLUSH MOUNTS - image courtesy of Kichler

If any of these piqued your interest but you’re still hesitant where to start, a keen and expert look at your dining area will be of good use. Your best option is to talk to a professional and competent interior design team. Tokyo Grand Renovation wants to understand your lighting interior needs so we can address them in the best ways possible.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at  info@tgr.com.ph.

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