Don Quijote: Japan’s Largest Discount Store is coming to the Philippines

Don Quijote store in Shibuya
A Don Quijote store in Shibuya. Photo courtesy of Ft

Yes, you read it right, the famous Don Quijote (dawn kee-ho-tay) ドン・キホーテ also known as Donki is coming to the Philippines and we couldn’t be happier! The Japanese discount store begins its wave of Southeast Asian expansion aiming to increase its retail store from 40 stores to 200. As it opened its doors at Bangkok Thailand, Koji Ohara, the president, and CEO plans for opening stores in Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and including the Philippines.  

It’s not a lie that we Filipinos likes buying affordable yet functional stuff. The overwhelming feeling of walking around inside discount stores makes us want to buy from throw pillows to dining plates because of its quirkiness and functionality. After getting a taste of the seemingly infinite range of things you can buy, you’ll surely have a hard time going out without buying (especially those kawaii socks).


Donki stores are known as discount stores, yes that’s just it. But what makes Don Quijote unique is because it sells Japanese made products and people around the world loves all things Japan. The chain first opened in 1989 in Japan and is known for being a one-stop convenience discount store that keeps to late hours, with some stores even operating 24/7. And did we mention it is a tax-free store?

Typically, Donki stores are cramped with cheapo goods while playing the unforgettable “don don don donki…” theme song blasting out of in-store speakers on endless repeat. The distinctive theme song, titled “Miracle Shopping”, was sung by a store employee and released in 1999. With its unique branding put in place, there’s no wonder the store held its place in the hearts of the Japanese!

premium don quijote store
Imagine a huge Don Quijote store in the streets of Manila. Photo courtesy of PanProduct

Donki also has a growing range of store formats, including smaller Picasso stores, giant Mega Don Quijote and even a Platinum Don Quijote selling high-end products. What makes it even more interesting is that you could be looking at crummy plastic products and the next moment, quality import goods like Louis Vuitton bags.


It is given that Don Quijote resembles Daiso or Miniso so what’s with the hype? With its different store formats, you’ll surely able to find one dollar falsies to grade A sashimis. This store has almost everything you could imagine, a section dedicated to fresh produce, confectionery, beauty, lifestyle and even an entire matcha section! We’re talking entire displays of baby bottles to a risqué 18+ adult section (thankfully, they’re not situated next to each other)


What goodies for your home decoration can you get?

Here are some items that can be found at Don Quijote;

japanese jacket
Pop culture merchandise is being sold at Don Quijote stores. Photo courtesy of: Anakjajan
super market
Photo courtesy of Media Time Out

Waiting is a bore, and luckily for those who can’t wait for the brick-and-mortar store to open, Don Quijote also offers an online shopping service with international shipping on their website, where you can browse a selection of items that are stocked in their stores.

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