Eco bricks: Turning Plastic Products into Building Blocks

Ecobricks: Turning Plastic Products into Building Blocks

Eco bricks have captured the attention of Filipinos, especially green advocates for its ecologically sustainable ways of building walls and houses using plastic bottles stuffed with non-biodegradable items preferably plastics as building blocks. It’s no secret that the Filipino consumers tend to gravitate more in purchasing products that can be bought in sachets and tetra packs because of the amount that you can save for it. They can save more through this but it is also the cause of the rising number of plastic waste that is thrown in oceans, mountains and our environment is suffering because of these single-use plastic products. With their love for the ocean and the environment, The Plastic Solution and created this movement that helps reuse plastic bottles and prevent plastic waste to reach our shores and pollute our country. These eco bricks are also made to make houses, schools, and parks.


Eco bricks first started in Northern Luzon, Russell Maier created when he saw the amount of plastic that is thrown in the mountains that also polluted the rivers. With that, he created a twist in the notion of putting sand in plastic bottles to use as building blocks to build their hostel chains. Circle Hostel co-founder Ziggie Gonzales took inspiration from this and started building ecological hostels using eco-bricks. Currently, there are three hostels made up of eco bricks in Zambales, La Union, and Baler.

To explain it simply, eco bricks are plastic bottles filled with tightly-packed plastic waste such as wrappers, single-use plastic containers, etc. and once they are full, they can be used as building blocks and cement fillers to build walls and other infrastructures.


Clean your plastic bottles and fillings

Before you start filling your plastic bottles with plastic waste, make sure that both of them are washed and dried. The plastic used to fill the bottle must be free from the residue of its last contents and must be dry before you put inside. “Plastics that contain dirt and grime can cause microbiological growth and methane gas formation within your eco brick which can lead to an unsightly product or bloated bottles.”

Cut your non-biodegradable before filling your plastic bottles.

For eco bricks to work, it must be tightly-packed with plastic waste so it is better to cut the plastic that you will insert inside the bottle. This will help every item to fit every inch of the bottle. It is better to cut the soft plastic bigger and the hard plastic smaller.

Fill your plastic bottle

With your plastic materials, carefully fill up your clean plastic bottle and make sure that they are pushed closely and tightly together. You can use a stick to push the contents together and make sure that there are no spaces or air inside the bottle. Make sure that the bottle will not get damaged in the process of filling the insides. It is important for the bottle to be tightly packed because it must weigh the total volume of the bottle multiplied by 0.35.

Ecobricks: Turning Plastic Products into Building Blocks
ECOBRICKS SIZE AND WEIGHT GUIDE. Image Courtesy of Window Seat and
Drop Oof your Ecobricks to the nearest drop-off station

If you’re interested to join this movement, The Plastic Solution and have several dropoff points where you can bring your Eco bricks and help give someone else a home. You can visit their facebook page, Ecobricks Philippines for the list of drop off places and their website for other information about the movement.

Use it for your own DIY and Construction Projects

If you’re unable to bring your eco bricks at the drop off places, you can use them for your personal DIY projects and construction. You can use them as wall fillers or arrange them like puzzle pieces and turn them into furniture. The has provided a construction guide to help you make your own projects with the use of ecobricks. Here are a couple of excerpts taken the construction guide that can help you get started on your very own DIY ecobrick furniture. These guide gives you a blueprint on how to arrange and stack your ecobricks to make sturdy and sustainable furniture.

Ecobricks: Turning Plastic Products into Building Blocks
THE MILSTEIN MODULE. Image Courtesy of Window Seat and

Which condos in Metro Manila offer a greener style of living?

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New technique for module making with inner tube banding! It’s done by trainers in Indonesia. Below is also her reflection about her personal journey ecobricking with communities. Thank you!! #Repost @abidaryati with @get_repost ・・・ Ecobrick is more than pack plastics into bottles. Ini cerita saya 😊 * Siapa saja bisa membuat ecobrick dan materi-materinya bisa didonlot gratis di webnya. Hanya saja saking gampangnya, g sedikit yg kebablasan dan keluar jalur dr visinya ecobrick. * Sy beruntung dapat kesempatan ikut pelatihan u/ jadi trainer, thanks to @sanggarhijauindonesia. Bertemu Mas @russmaier dan Mbak @ahimawati membawa pemahaman baru tentang ecobrick. Sy belajar bahwa kunci utama menyampaikan ecobrick adalah dg membangun personal responsibility dulu terhadap konsumsi plastik. Saya mengagumi kedua guru sy ini, bagaimana beliau berdua membawakan diri, menginspirasi. Lalu bertemu lagi setelah #ooyls di Bali dan @urbansocialforum kemarin. Wah, semakin jatuh cinta dg visi ecobrick. * Singkatnya, membuat ecobrick perlu kesadaran, bahwa kita adalah bagian dari alam dan bertanggung jawab menjaganya. Ecobrick adalah transisi u/ lebih selaras dg alam. Ecobrick menganut “jalan” regeneratif (menumbuhkan kembali), dan melampaui sustainability (keberlanjutan). Aih, masih PR pribadi memahami ini. Belum lagi bahas PTR (plastik transition ratio). * Intinya, ecobrick bukanlah solusi akhir karena permasalan utama plastik bermula dr konsumsi. Jadi sebelum membuat ecobrick, pelajari dulu “kenapa”-nya. U/ menghindari kesalahan penyampaian, silakan baca di @ecobricks.plastic.solved #ecobrick #SEASOLDIER #BRANI #ecobrick #ecobricksplasticsolved #globalecobrickalliance #indonesia

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Ecobricks: Turning Plastic Products into Building Blocks

We encourage you to lessen your purchase and use of plastic and if ever there are plastic items that you are unable to avoid, use them as eco bricks to help reduce your trash and save our environment.

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