Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

“Have yourself a merry green Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on your troubles will be out of sight…”

From pressing political disputes to which Kardashian sister is the best one, humans tend to have conflicting opinions on so many matters at hand under the sun. The only exception to this endless cycle of discourse is the color palette humans have associated with the festive season of coercive exchange gifts, booze infused work spaces, and that time of the year when Mariah Carrey’s singing career hits a sudden surge. As highly visual creatures, humans have designated a certain color scheme for each major holiday – from black and orange for Halloween to pink and white for Valentines, our drained souls and paper thin wallets are reminded of the nearing Christmas season once the town has been painted a hue of red and green. This is why when we think of Christmas design ideas, we often go down the road of emerald and ruby tinted Christmas ornaments crafted out of plastic and harmful chemicals. But green can be more than just a shade of Santa’s velvety suit, it could also be about saving the environment and being responsible stewards of this foredoomed planet. 

"But green can be more than just a shade of Santa's velvety suit, it could also be about saving the environment and being responsible stewards of this foredoomed planet."

There is a convoluted history behind the colors of Christmas devised from a combination of religious traditions and a bankable marketing scheme from one of the biggest soda corporations in history. A Christmas without a Christmas tree is like Thanksgiving without a juicy turkey or a Halloween without the gore horror movies. Nature has and always been affiliated with the Christmas season as centuries ago, Romans would exchange Evergreen branches for good luck while Egyptians would decorate their homes with Palm branches. Christmas design ideas have evolved through the years, from organic and nature-inspired trinkets, advertisers and capitalists have entered the scene causing a defiance in the traditional Christmas decorations and symbolisms.

Long before Santa Claus indulged himself in freshly baked cookies and delicacies of the north pole, he used to hit the gym a lot and his clothing rack has color variations apart from Red. It was only until Coca-Cola hired Haddon Sundblom to sketch his own version of Santa Claus for their Christmas ad that our favorite old pal is generally depicted the way he is now – a fat and jolly, red robe fashion enthusiast who is borderline a generous gift giver and property trespasser. According to
NPR, Arielle Eckstut, co-author of Secret Language of Color, shares that Sundlom’s well-celebrated depiction of Santa for Coke has solidified the general public’s collective imagination of a red and green Christmas. It is no surprise then that we feel a bit odd when Christmas design ideas lack these particular colors since this creative decision is not merely for aesthetics but is deeply rooted in tradition, commercialism with a sprinkle of unsolicited generosity, joy and love.

"It solidified in our collective imaginations the red of Santa’s robes with the green of fir trees and holly and poinsettia that we already had in our minds."


Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

Christmas season is all about overindulgence on worldly desires. Feasting on things that will most likely shorten our already short life span and putting all the repercussions aside on the 1st of January as if the promising new year will magically rescue our struggling bank accounts and unkempt post-party faces. Apart from shamelessly throwing our rational selves during the Holidays, our disoriented minds also dispose tons of garbage and waste that could have been avoided had you only decided not to use red plastic cups for a game of beer pong. If you fear that sustainable Christmas design ideas or eco-friendly Christmas party games will ruin your elegant, lit and celebrity-inspired holiday, remember that Christmas celebration boils down to the idea that everyone should be having fun – including the environment.

“It is only necessary for the public to be more conscious of the waste they generate and to observe environmentally responsible Yuletide habits,” Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary, Roy Cimatu shares.

Throwaway culture is normally at its worst during the Christmas season. According to PhilStar, Daniel Alejandre, a zero waste campaigner of EcoWaste, shares that Metro Manila generates the biggest chunk of waste during the Christmas time ranging from 0.7 to 1.2 kilo per person per day. Filipinos, who start celebrating Christmas as early as the calendar shifts to the “ber months“, tend to produce larger quantities of discarded items including plastic Christmas paraphernalia, post-party wares like beverage and food containers, wrappers and bags for gifts and the like. Bottom line is that it is necessary to be more cautious of our use of Christmas materials, energy and leftover waste since climate change is not going anywhere. Setting up Christmas design ideas or celebrating the festive season in general can still be fun and elegant without having to abuse and disturb the mother nature.

“The situation is not entirely hopeless. We can curb what we throw away by applying the 3Rs and by keeping Christ in the manger, an utmost reminder of the simplicity of Christmas, at the heart of the festive celebration,” Alejandre adds.
Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

Check out this 2018 trending Christmas color combinations that may suit your interior preferences.


Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

Although Christmas may be the season of overindulging and impulsive buying, keeping your place well-decorated for the Yuletide season doesn’t necessarily have to follow the excessive and flashy interior trend. Sustainable and minimalist Christmas design ideas can be just as festive as the traditional trinkets you’d find in an overly decorated home where even Santa’s debatable existence wouldn’t dare to visit. Not only would you have a stylish and trendy Christmas décor which you can show off to your Instagram followers, you would also do the planet a favor by generating less waste and keeping your holiday bonus safe for future investments.


Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

From the moment we were taught what global warming is, cutting down trees has always been a big NO for the environment. When choosing which tree, artificial or real, is better for the planet this holiday, a fake environmentalist would recommend you to buy an artificial one which you can recycle for the next holidays to come because again, disturbing the forest would be a crime against mother Earth. Environmentalists and energy analysts beg to differ reasoning out that artificial trees are manufactured using plastic and harmful chemicals that emit carbon footprint greater than the amount of killing one tree. A fresh tree would also be a versatile choice for your Christmas design ideas for any preferred style would come out as authentic and cozy.

This point doesn’t permit you to go ballistic on trees with your chainsaw like Jason from the Friday the 13th, massacring down as much trees as you want for the vanity of Christmas. When purchasing a tree, you can look for locally produced ones or with certifications proving that it is organic and safe. If there is a greater demand for locally grown trees in the market, there will be more trees to plant hence, not only would farmers but also the environment benefit a lot during the holidays. It wouldn’t hurt to give up that 20-foot artificial Christmas tree, after all mother Earth can offer one that is unique and tailor-made just for you. You can even decorate it with organic Christmas design ideas made from dried fruit peels and edible gingerbread cookies.

“At any one time in the UK there are about 100m trees growing with all the benefits that trees give to the environment. These trees would not be growing if it weren’t for the Christmas tree market,” Mike Childs, head of research at Friends of the Earth.


Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

Who says minimalist style is for penny-pinchers only? In design, less can be more. Sometimes, with the intention to have an extravagant holidays, we lean towards over decorating our place which may appear cluttered and disorganized. Displaying the essential Christmas decorations such as a wreathe, tree and socks wouldn’t put you in Santa’s naughty list perhaps, just in the ‘occasionally nice’ list. Choosing organic and sustainable Christmas design ideas can be a challenging commitment but the principle is simple: scrap the plastics and mass-produced decorations and go for sustainable or flea market bargains. Nature can play a major role as the theme of your place. Opt for wood, burlap and organic cotton as major elements. Bring in the outdoors by incorporating things you’d find outside such as pine boughs or nests as wreathes and a fresh bouquet of Poinsettias and Orchids for some burst of color.

Pay a visit to your local artisan store and hoard handcrafted trinkets for a homey and altruistic Christmas vibes. But if you’re feeling that creative juices flowing like the raging floods of Manila, you can always craft your own ornaments from Eucalyptus leaves, red berries, citrus fruits and twines. It may also be a form of recreation with your loved ones especially for busy family members who you only get to interact with once a week. Christmas design ideas for your lights are just as crucial as picking which Christmas tree to display but it is also one of the leading source of excessive energy consumption. Invest in energy-efficient LED lighting which will save you up to 90% on power costs and is also more durable than traditional bulbs. If you are as forgetful as a Gold fish, another tip for a more sustainable Christmas design ideas is to set your Christmas lights on timers which is available at your local hardware stores.

When you purchase trinkets from your local artisans, you are not only decorating your place but you are also helping them build their humble dreams."


Eco-friendly Christmas Design Ideas for a Green and Guilt-Free Holidays

A good Christmas wrap says a lot about what’s inside of it this is why some tend to go overboard with rolls of glossy and metallic gift wraps that are worth as much as the actual gift. But who says sustainable wrapping materials are scrappy and cheap looking? You can make use of festive-inspired fabric as gift wrap and sealing it with greeting cards and tags made out of recycled materials. Other sustainable Christmas design ideas for gift wraps can be a map of your favorite country or a magazine page with your favorite artist’s face greeting your recipient a happy holidays. Being mindful of the way our presents are produced is one way of showing that we care for the environment just as much as we care for our loved ones.

"What if Christmas doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Why dream of a white Christmas when you can dream of a green one? Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give in this life is not worth a 9-digit signature bag or a thousand square foot condominium but the gift of being an instrument of change in this passive and consumerist world.

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