Creeping it Classy: Elegant Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

ELEGANT HALLOWEEN HOME DECORATIONS - image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

The chilly and eerie breeze of the twilight lingers across the drowsy neighborhood. An unsettling and ghostly cry of a black cat sends down chills to your spine as you aimlessly wander around the empty streets. Jumping out of your skin, a sinister laugh from a hair-raising witch display outside of your neighbor’s overly-decorated horror house has wickedly fooled you. Coming out of their Halloween-themed houses, the whole neighborhood laughs hysterically upon pulling a successful prank on you. Still shaken and taken aback, one thing is for sure, you wanted revenge and you want it spookily even so, stylishly executed – a bone-chilling yet elegant Halloween party. These Halloween home decoration ideas will certainly resurrect you from the dead and make you the talk of the town among the living and the dead.

"These Halloween home decoration ideas will certainly resurrect you from the dead and make you the talk of the town among the living and the dead."

It’s that unnerving time of the year once again. The season of celebrating and for some, even seeing dead people. The time when displaying disturbing replicas of corpses that are not for the faint of heart is legal in all countries. Halloween is rooted from the ancient pagan festival celebrated by the Celtic people known as Samhain; they believe that the dead could walk among the living. In modern times, the reason for celebrating Halloween has evolved with the passage of time – from performing sacrilegious rituals to throwing parties induced in booze and spooky costumes.

HALLOWEEN WALL AND TABLE DECORATIONS - image courtesy of Tatertots and Jello


The stereotypical Halloween decorations never miss out on the obligatory Pumpkin, Skeletons and Witch displays that are often tacky looking, making it seems like the party was only thought of an hour ago. Planning a Halloween party should not equate to just throwing scrappy and makeshift Halloween decorations all over the place. Giving the impression that you have your life together, a Halloween party for grownups may also appear to be sophisticated and regal as if it is the Queen of England is cordially invited. With these Halloween home decoration ideas, your interior  may not only attract living party goers but perhaps also the pleased departed designers.

"…your home interior may not only attract living party goers but perhaps also the pleased departed designers."

Paint the town monochromatic

When we say Halloween decorations, we normally associate it with the colors orange, black and deep purple – these color palette don’t typically blend well when unsuitably place together. To tone down the gloomy shade, make use of white as your dominant background color then add accents of Fall colors such as yellow, burgundy, orange and brown. An underrated home decoration idea to even spice up the element of elegance of your Halloween party is to incorporate gold displays in your living room.

HALLOWEEN COLOR SCHEME – images courtesy of Domino | Past Thyme Market | Apartment Therapy | Residence Style | Coveted Home 

You wreath what you sow

Impress your visitors and ghosts by welcoming their highly anticipated presence with uncanny yet stylish wreaths hanging at the front door of your condominium. Ironically, wreath is one of the most unwelcomed Halloween decorations since it is normally affiliated with the Christmas season. Wreath represents growth and the unending circle of life. To save you from being a slave to the norm of wreaths covered in leaves, play around various materials such as bat cutouts, twigs and branches, serpents, feathers, bones, googly eyes or aesthetically placed cloudy mirrors and realistic vultures. This creative Halloween decoration will either entice your guests to enter or infiltrate their minds with second thoughts on setting foot inside your eerie house.

HALLOWEEN STYLE WREATHS – images courtesy of Reasons To Skip The Housework | Frog Hill Designs | Hay Needle | Blog Lovin | Pinterest 

The lovely bones

Apart from Witches, Vampires and Mummies, skeletons also belongs to the most cliché Halloween display set out as soon as the Summer breeze exits and the Autumnal weather envelops the globe. As simple as it is, bones are connected to Halloween since it is a collective manifestation of the dead. Embrace variety and ditch the basic unadorned bones by embellishing them with encrusted gems and white roses. Another home decoration idea for these calcified trinkets would be remodeling their function as candle holders, book stands, terrarium container or wall décor.

BONES HOME DECORATIONS – images courtesy of Como Fazer Em Casa |  Pinterest | Emsay Studio | CTRL Curate | Diys | Zingz and Thingz | Etsy


Make your guests feel comfortable with these guest bathroom ideas.

Lights out

Candelabras date back to the ancient times before the advent of electricity when people would need more than one candle to light up the entire room. Eventually, this candle-tree has become a staple of evening dinner tables in the 19th century; upon the invention of light bulb comes the demise of the former. In due course, candles are linked to Halloween perhaps because it symbolizes the absence of abyss darkness – a concept which makes others’ skin crawl. A clever home decoration idea to decorate these dull looking wax is to place them on wine bottles, cover them up with black lace or adorn them with red wax to mimic blood dripping. Be daring with various spooky candle holders such as serpents, twigs or a black crow.

HALLOWEEN CANDLE IDEAS – images courtesy of Elle Decor | DIY Network | Homedit | Nordic House | Pinterest | Pier 

Pumpkin, spice and everything nice

What is Halloween without a perfectly carved pumpkin? The origin of Jack-o’-lantern is actually that of tragic and horrifying combined, certainly not one to be told as a bedtime story to kids. Basically, the legend emanated in Ireland where a fraudulent man named Jack are good friends with the Devil who he has tricked for several occasions eventually cursing his rejected soul to roam the earth with a carved turnip as his only light. Fast forward to the modern period when pumpkins are considered as a standard embellishment of Halloween decorations. Keep the haunting spirit of Jack away by keeping your pumpkins sleek and elegant: paint them matte black or gold, coat them white and draw on doodles, wrap them up with black lace or glue gold sequins. Trick Jack with unusual Halloween home decoration ideas such as a pumpkin made out of linen, glass, tin or wood.

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN IDEAS – images courtesy of Pinterest | A Pumpkin and a Princess | Apartment Therapy | Boxy Colonial | Sugar and Cloth | Wayfair | Oldeworld Carvings | House Beautiful | Perfect Palette | Joyworks 

Decorate at your own risk

At the end of the day, throwing an elegant yet blood-curdling Halloween party for grownups boils down to making sure that your guests, living or dead, will have the time of their lives here in this lifetime. To spruce up your party, here are some more Halloween home decoration ideas: use feather or monochromatic cloth as garland, replace cotton with black lace or cheesecloth as tablecloth and decoratively place elements that exude black magic such as – Ouija board throw pillows, serpents caged in a glass, black vultures and crows, crystal balls, horror books, stained glass spider webs and cryptic flower vases. Let the nightmare before Christmas come to life with Halloween decorated trees. At last, entertain your guests by hosting a horror movie marathon using a projector to bring Freddy Krueger, Samara and Chucky out of your screen.

HALLOWEEN HOME DECORATION IDEAS – images courtesy of Better Home and Gardens | Grandin Road | Zillow | Heritage Lace | Homedit | Etsy | Flamingo Toes | Little House on the Corner | The Sweet Karma Bar | Marthe Stewart | Lushome | Country Living | Pinterest | Digs Digs | Rover Ebay 

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween."

Witching you an early happy Halloween, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is eager to help you discuss your bone-chilling home decoration ideas fit for the upcoming holiday. Conveniently located in the leading business district in Metro Manila, TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.

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