Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home

There’s something about the charming character of exposed brick that engross the senses. Maybe it’s the way you get to travel back in time. Back in late 1990’s when the Kings and Queens of the West ruled inside their astonishing castles. Or the nostalgic sturdy walls of historical buildings such as Fort Santiago, the once brick edifice of Manila Cathedral, or the Gothic churches in London.

In home interiors, exposed brick walls look unusual, creative, and rustic. Regarded as a classic design, your home will always be on trend with a slice or full of exposed brick. However, not everyone likes real concrete but their penchant for exposed brick makes them consider other options such as high-quality Japanese exposed brick wallpaper.

Made from high quality materials, Japanese wallpaper combines Japanese quality and the beauty of exposed brick as one of its countless designs.


Thin layers of gray bricks exquisitely laid one after another made this room a design scheme ideal. Upclose, the texture is as rich as its design. It is not flat nor plain. The wall was even matched with an elegant futon in neutral shade, making a polished amalgam. The humble painting and vases on top of a sleek wooden cabinet punched the impression of minimalist furnishing.

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home


Who wouldn’t be charmed by this faded orange hue adorn with the tiniest white sequin? Earthy and natural looking, it adds an element of warmth inside your dwelling place. In the dining room, it helps in boosting the appetite of those who are eating, while creating a more amiable atmosphere. Like the photo above, it’s also perfect for RESTAURANT INTERIOR.

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home


From afar, this exposed brick wall looks simple but a little more steps closer would reveal an avalanche of ornate and vintage textures. When placed in the bedroom walls, it gives a refreshing and clean look accompanied by a rustic finish. When used outside, it emulates a timeless beauty which can go well even in various edifice style, be it a simple townhouse or a LUXURY HIGH-RISE.

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home


What’s so sleek about black exposed brick wallpaper? In many ways, it is the perfect decor towards even the subtlest industrial look.

Sometimes appeal like a historical dungeon but more often exudes royal elegance, the various varieties of dark-shade exposed brick has limitless style potential. The offhand intermix with other elements and shades, one can delve into a myriad of interior design possibilities.

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home


Invite nature inside your home with this neutral beige and cream colored brick wallpaper inspired by fancy limestone. Mimicking traditional stonework, the subtle elegance of this wall decor visibly adds a high-level of character in any room. Let’s take a cue from the living room photo above. In master fusion with wooden vinyl flooring, the living room looked classic and eye-catching.


Install this trendy and high-end wallcoverings to make your condo more extravagant.

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Designs to Achieve a Classic Home

Whether you are vying for a classic look or a rustic one, this timeless wallpaper trend proves to be appreciated by any generation simply for the grandiose statement it exudes. Let your walls speak for themselves, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) offers a variety of wallpaper designs that suits your style such as this exposed brick wallpaper to improve your condo. 

Speaking your personality is primarily important to be comfortable in your own home. Unsure from all the styles? A little mix and match won’t hurt your home decor.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is eager to help you discuss your interior design ideas. Conveniently located in the leading business district in Metro Manila, TGR’s headquarters is at TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

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