2 Basic Must-Haves for Good Home Decor in Your Interior

2 Basic Must-Haves for Good Home Decor in Your Interior

Considered as elements of design, textures, and patterns are often used to beautify and decorate. Almost unknowingly, these features are always on top of every interior design and home decor ideas, together with colors, proportions, and lines. The visual wonders of these elements are undeniably proven and tested. However, what exactly is the difference that sets them apart?


Being either tactile or visual, textures communicate the material’s surface feel and quality. These evoke the overall aesthetic of your home design, as the textures you incorporate will dictate the ambiance and impression of your interior. The tactile types correspond to the literal surface of the textures – smooth, rough, coarse, or soft.

Visual textures, on the other hand, are not as three dimensional as the tactile ones. Illusory and vision-inspiring, these refer to the optical sense, making you imagine what the surfaces ought to feel like. For an instance, great modern living room designs incorporate either tactile or visual textures.

2 Basic Must-Haves for Good Home Decor in Your Interior
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Concerned with repetitive graphics, patterns are illustrative and energetic at first glance. Flat and colorful, these can also provide diversity to your home decor style. The matching hues and alternating shapes add weight and depth to your room decor, enabling perspectives on dimensions.

Aside from the visual magic patterns induce, these design elements also take your interior on another level. The ordinary becomes uncommon, and the mundane becomes intriguing. Just imagine the difference a patterned rug plus a customized condo furniture will do in your home.

Textures and patterns are just two of the many inventive combinations of interior design elements that you can use as elegant home decor. Deciding can be overwhelming. A bad choice can lead to a huge design mishap, which is why consultations with an interior designer is important. The expertise level of a designer saves you from all the decision troubles, regardless of the interior design fees, together with the hefty assurance of leaving your interior in good hands.

2 Basic Must-Haves for Good Home Decor in Your Interior

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