Haute Bohemian: The Classy Take on Boho Chic Interior Design

An L-shaped sectional sofa fills the center of this living room, packed deep with inviting plump scatter cushions in different prints and styles. Photo courtesy of Home Designing.

Forever dominating our Pinterest boards, magazine spreads, and even Instagram feeds is the boho-chic interior design. This undefeated interior design style is loved by so many because it’s all about authenticity. Taking notes from the decor book called Haute Bohemians, Bohemian style is each wildly different from the other, but all tied together with one common thread: a deeply individual, eclectic style paying homage to its city, the architectural period of the building, and the quirky personal style of its owner.

Despite the rise of minimal and clean looking designs like Scandinavian and Japan’s Zen, there are many points why this free-spirited design is making a comeback. After all, once the pendulum swings too far on one side, it has no choice but to swing back.

Bohemian design’s versatile character can be infused into a more upscale market. Without compromising on your home’s sophisticated cozy finesse is called Haute Bohemian.


To put it simply, Haute Bohemian is the upscale take on the boho-chic design. Haute Bohemian’s aesthetic is overall relatively new. The concept first appeared on the famed interior photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna’s book called Haute Bohemians. However, it is undeniably to say that other homeowners are already doing the ‘haute’ bohemian design for years.

This apartment in Barcelona used terracotta tiles as its decorative element in its Haute Bohemian theme. Photo courtesy of Decoist.


Just like from its cousin boho chic, haute bohemian can be easily achieved in two words: elegant and artistic. Since boho chic is all about creativity, the overall aim here is to bring the elegance out of creativity.

Taking notes from Mara Mastroeni, the surfaces of haute bohemian is full of vibrancy, with more than enough loud patterns and colors to go around. However, things are a bit quieter underneath. Every design starts with a subdued, neutral base that allows the more exciting design elements to shine.


Here are a few ways on how to have a sleek minimal look with a pop of color.


Having a solid identification in your home’s design is one of the powerful points of an haute bohemian design. Using local products or items in easily spruce up the overall feel of your home while also helping the local business scene. A perfect example of this in the Philippines is handwoven products like buri, inabel blankets or hand made products like rattan.  

This bohemian dining area is giving a comforting laid-back vibe with the use of large rattan light shades. Photo courtesy of Home Designing.

The spaces of your home are all about bringing in art in various formats like furniture, sculptures, or even ceramics. Haute bohemian is about having an emphasis on these art formats bringing in stories behind them, with a personality of their own.


If you look closely at haute bohemian, you’ll notice an interesting dichotomy at play. The surface is vibrantly filled with more than enough loud patterns and colors to go around. Every design starts with a subdued, neutral base that allows the more exciting design elements to shine. Now, the question is which design elements will stay neutral and which can be more playful?

You can see that the functional item the sofa has a base color and it is filled with colorful throw pillows. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

There’s a simple rule to follow in creating your base. In haute bohemian designs, the functional parts of your design should remain neutral. The decorative elements should bring a sense of style. Also, consider sticking to a similar color palette in order to make sure your design stays cohesive.

Inspired in having your own haute bohemian themed home? Talk to our expert designers today!

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