House in Takatsuki: A 16 Floor Level Contemporary House

living area at house of takatsuki
A House in Takatsuki is a three-story building containing 16 different floor levels created by Tato Architects. Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha.

Can you imagine a 16-floor house without any staircases?

Once again, Japanese architects have made the impossible, possible. This unique contemporary home called A House in Takatsuki located in Osaka, Japan has been taking the internet by storm with its numerous floor levels. Designed by Tato Architects, this house has no staircases, however, the residents rise in a spiral of wooden blocks and shelves to move between different levels.

Tato Architects has been known for its unorthodox interior layouts. The unusual floorplan views platforms as a way to not use walls to be able to create an open and interconnected space.

"Rather than using walls and different floor levels to clearly divide the space into various functions, everything loosely connects and disconnects from each other through stepped floors," Explained by Tato Architects founder Yo Shimada
roof top of house of takatsuki
"The idea is to create a sense of expansion inside a small house, so that you would find yourself on top of a rooftop in one moment, and tucked beneath a floor in another." Shimada says. Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha.

The total sqm of A House in Takatsuki is 96 sqm of floor space which includes three bedrooms and a split level indoor-outdoor bathroom. To be able to go to the rooftop, a concrete step and a steel shelf lead up to a multilevel roof terrace.

Externally the house is clad in blackened wood. Wood is also dominant inside the building, as flooring, surfaces, furniture, and on exposed structural elements. The building’s entrance is located within a triangular recess that follows the geometry of the interior.

exterior part of house in takatsuki
Shimada describes House in Takatsuki as "a simple yet complex, geographical and cave-like labyrinth captured inside a small house." Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha

Even though described as a cave-like labyrinth, the layout actually has a very strict geometry. In plan, the building is a rectangle, nine meters wide and 5.5 meters deep, but with two of its corners missing. Internally, partition walls all run at 45-degree angles to the exterior walls. This divides the layout into a series of triangles and rectangles. (Dezeen)

A group of Japanese Architects called Atelier Tekuto successfully made a home out of volcanic ash.

an oasis in house in takatsuki
This peaceful corner fully done with plywood is a relaxation oasis for sure. Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha.
recreatinal area in house in takatsuki
Every corner or space here is dedicated to some activity or function. Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha.

Various furniture elements negotiate the changes in level in House in Takatsuki. For instance, a dining table in the kitchen lines up with the floor of the next level up. Elsewhere, a desk does the same thing.

corner area in house in takatsuki
There is also storage slotted in under the floors, a sink located on a floor, and a kitchen cabinet that becomes a bookshelf. Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha.

The House in Takatsuki by Yo Shimada has been pursuing new possibilities for modern architecture. The restraint color palette and simple materials make the space very welcoming and open. Even the novelty feeling of living in this home has died down, the overwhelming feeling of living in a space productive home is endless.

More than keeping their places stylish and sleek, Japanese people perceive their home as a place where the sense of meditation and comfort are always invited. Home is a place where they can be who they are.

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