When one thinks of affluence and world-class quality, one intuitively thinks of Japan alongside United Kingdom, USA, UAE, and China. The upscale lifestyle emanates in the Japanese grounds – from awesome services to high-technology products that have become a revered standard by the high-end population. In fact, according to the 2018 report of Visual Capitalist, Japan ranks the third wealthiest country around the world. Even in real-estates and interior design, Japan thrives and continues to capture the interests of business moguls and crazy rich families.


High End Wallcoverings Penthouse Ideas BGC

Aside from signature furniture pieces and luxury items surrounding the Japanese elite homes, what covers their walls from the inside out resonate the same amount of extravagance. Striking with its inordinate features, Japanese wallpapers are full of purpose and art.  Generally, it invoke a glamorous character in each room- from lobby to kitchen design, or as a creative design for GLASS PARTITION WALLS.

Let’s take a closer look at the various Japanese techniques on crafting these elegant wall coverings. 


A textile decor technique oozing with natural charm, kiwami has been around the Japanese wallpaper craft since the ancient times. It involves meticulously handcrafted wall coverings using only select fine materials. 

Often associated with the effortless synthesis of traditional and modern aesthetic, KIWAMI wallpapers demonstrate a multitude of elegance. Japanese craftsmen contend to fasten IMPRESSIVE INNOVATION in this artistry while incorporating style, sensibility, and unique walls that mimics the users rare taste.

High End Wallcoverings Penthouse Design BGC
Elegant Wallpaper Park Central Towers Makati Philippines
High End Wallcoverings Luxury Condo BGC

Perfect for LUXURY HOTELS, ELEGANT PENTHOUSE CONDOMINIUMS, and even ART GALLERIES, Kirameki stands for sublime glimmer and gleaming gloss.

Symbolizing affluence, the GOLD and SILVER touches of these high-end wallcoverings have been adopted by the rich and upscale communities since long ago. In Japan, they can be found on high-end public and private places including temples, shrines and luxury mansions.

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The sophistication of thousand yarns twisted together to create an expanse of multi-colored wallpaper makes ORI a method unlike any other. Japanese craftsmen uses precise calculation, ensuring perfection in every horizontal and vertical details. 

Exquisite in essence, this type of wallpaper naturally creates a stately appeal in various spaces such as LOBBIES, FOYERS, LUXE HALLWAYS, and can even serve as a stunning backdrop to a GRAND STAIRCASE. The options spans from chic to modern. Best of all, it produces a delicate feel that drives lighting and sunlight inside one’s LUXURY PROPERTY.

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High End Wallcoverings Luxury Condo Makati

Those who are looking for a TIMELESS BEAUTY that never goes out of style, fine wood is a key element that emits matchless natural balance. Like a tree entrenched on earth, wood materials often last longer than a human’s standard lifetime. Beautiful to behold and comforting to touch, wallpapers made of Moku technique awakens the senses with its gentle, warm quality.

Favored by elites who relish healing spaces, wood is as revitalizing and refreshing when incorporated in specific interiors.


High End Wallcoverings Luxury Condo BGC Philippines

Tokyo Grand Renovation designs ELEGANT SPACES refurbished by high-end wallpapers. We bring the Japanese kind of extravagance right inside our client’s exclusive residences. Discover the layout, design, and wallpaper perfect for your home, office, or restaurant.

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