How to Increase Your Property Value Through Home Renovation

How to Increase Your Property Value Through Home Renovation

Are you planning to sell your high-end real estate property in the next few years? Do you want to auction your luxury condo for a rather hefty price than when you originally bought it? This 2018, the number of condominiums in Metro Manila reached 27,000 units, according to giant real estate services provider, Colliers International. This means you need to make your condo stand out among the rest if you desire a higher paying resale than the others. As designers of elegant spaces, Tokyo Grand Renovation prepared an expert’s guide list to help you double the price of your condo unit.


So you have a marble countertop but your lighting and flooring lacks grandeur? While the marble may catch your potential condo buyer’s eyes, they may find the other elements slightly off. More often than not, they will offer you a lower price or will check out other luxe property units instead.

As early as now, invest on custom lighting system for your kitchen from your trusted interior designer. Upgrading your kitchen’s flooring to hardwood or tile can also make a huge difference in the overall stature of your luxury condo.

If you live in a spacious luxury penthouse, two kitchen islands are considered pricier than one. Crafty storage systems, dashing glass or tile blacksplashes, stainless steel appliances such as high-end refrigerators and ovens are another safe upgrades to augment your penthouse’s property value.

How to Increase Your Property Value Through Home Renovation
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Eating at home doesn't have to be boring with these kitchen designs for your style.


A luxury bathroom will always have the ambiance of a 5-star hotel. More than its functional characteristics, the rest of the materials must bequeath to the luxurious experience of the next condo owner. The goal is to remake your bathroom and make it feel more like a sanctuary.

Consider choosing sophisticated and quality materials for your tubs, sinks, and showers as this taps even the meticulous buyer’s adoration for quality pamper time.

HIGH-END JAPANESE TOILET SEATS that are hygienic and smarter than traditional ones is another wise step towards raising the value of your luxury condo unit.

You have an overflowing tub of interior design style options from a sparkling white bathroom to a sleek masculine black master bath. (Be sure to ask for an interior designer’s advice when planning your design.) The plumbing is another critical factor when you’re remodeling your bathroom. Check out for stains, rust, and nicks and add them to your fixing spots priorities.

How to Increase Your Property Value Through Home Renovation
Struggling which interior style fits you best? Click on this:

Enlighten yourself if your bathroom needs a bathtub or a shower.


If bathrooms are spa-like sanctuaries, bedrooms are holy shrines that need extraneous consideration. When buying luxury condominiums, the select few are more than willing to pay extra bucks for a lavish bedroom space. Anything from light fixtures, throw pillows, sturdy bed frames, to glorious beddings must bespoke of upscale worth.

Even more, transition your dressing room to a custom-made elegant walk-in closet, A stunning carpet also never fails to make someone feel luxurious. For the minimalist at heart, a streamlined design with top notch items sing a subtled lullaby while bringing someone in the lap of luxury.

How to Increase Your Property Value Through Home Renovation

Selling a luxury condominium may attract a lot of possible high-end clients, but the interior of the place also affects the client’s inclination towards signing that contract. Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is here to assist you improve your condo through luxurious transformations of residential and commercial spaces alike to provide functional and splendid interiors.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

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