The Shade: Importance of Curtains and How to Improve Them

The Shade: Importance of Curtains and How to Improve Them

Curtains, in the grand scheme of things, are often taken for granted. In a way, most people do not see the importance of curtains and looks at it as a necessary aspect of the room and often seen as a boring piece in an, otherwise, exciting puzzle. In interior design, we do not just look for the statement piece, we look at every little detail, even as simple as choosing the color scheme and design of the curtains.

In general, it is common knowledge that curtains are very useful tools to regulate the light inside your home, prevents dust and gives you privacy to do anything without the fear of people from the outside seeing you. But, curtains are not just boring but important tool to prevent the sun from blinding you or keeping the strangers out from invading your privacy, it also improves the beauty of your room and brings out the uniqueness of the other pieces. Choosing a curtain is not as simple as choosing a color, or texture that you like. You have to take into consideration the look and the feel of the room and chose the curtain that will blend well in harmony with the other elements of the room.

In most cases, the way we hang our curtains are one of the most important factors in decorating and it is also one of the reasons why our curtains do not stand out. There are a lot of common mistakes in hanging curtains but when done right, it can do wonders in improving the overall aesthetic of the room and your house in general. Here are some Do’s and Don’t in hanging curtains.

Do's and Dont's in Curtain Placement

The Shade: Importance of Curtains And How To Improve Them
DO's AND DONT's of CURTAIN PLACEMENT. Image Courtesy of Nadine Stay
Don’t put curtain rod directly above the window frame.

Do position your curtain rod approximately 4-6” above the window or
go directly to the ceiling.

By doing this, it can appear to yours and your guest’s eyes that your windows are taller than it actually is.

Don’t use a narrow rod that forces the curtains to cover up some of the windows.

Do get a rod that is wide enough so the curtains don’t cover up the windows
when they are pulled back.

Make sure that the curtains and curtain rod are wide enough so it can cover the inner corners only, not the glass. This way your windows will look wide and larger than it actually is and you will not lose too much light.

Do not get curtains that are too short.

Do get curtains that reach the floor.

If you want to have a more romantic feel, let the curtain fall and puddle on the floor but if you are worried about getting them dirty then just stop an inch or two inches before fabric hits the floor.

Additional tips in CUrtain Placement

DO choose appropriate fabrics

Choose the fabric that is suited for the intended feel of the room. Light materials such as linen or frilled lace are intended for filtering light and adds a casual and romantic vibe. Heavy material such as velvet, polyester or even cotton curtains are intended to warm up the place and gives more privacy to space.

The Shade: Importance of Curtains And How To Improve Them
DO use a curtain that is longer than your curtain rod.

Make sure that when it is closed, the curtains do not lie flat on the windows, it will make it look bland. In doing this, you will show the fullness of the windows either it is closed or open.

The Shade: Importance of Curtains And How To Improve Them

Mix n' Match

There are also different ways to mix and match the design of your curtains. First, the traditional, drawn back curtains with the transition of heavy material and light material. It is a simple yet elegant design that gives a homey feel to the room.

The Shade: Importance of Curtains And How To Improve Them

Another pair is a mix between patterned design and solid colored curtains that can be a contrast to the colors of the room and the furniture. It could also go the other way around where the curtains can be plain with a light color scheme that can match the patterns and colors of the room.

And even just hanging a simple lace or satin curtain can add a romantic and charming vibe without completely blocking the natural light.

There are different ways to make as simple as a curtain, exciting. There is a perfect balance in everything that is why understanding the feel and the design of a room is important. Every element should compliment each other and give harmony to the place to bring peace to whoever goes in and out. As mentioned before, interior design does not only focus on the key elements of the room, such as the walls and furniture, it also focuses on little details that compliments and enhances every aspect of the design.

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