Inside Kim and Kanye’s Minimalist California Mansion

This pristine-looking mansion is kid-friendly and therefore suitable for their four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm: "This house may be a case study, but our vision for it was built around the family," Kanye said. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Known from the entertainment industry now emerging into the design scene, the Wests, particularly Kanye has come to the fore through the design world. The couple’s peregrination to the design world led them to meet Alex Vervoodt, a Belgian designer and tastemaker in which this minimalist California mansion has come to life.

Oddly, a typical suburban California estate doesn’t look like an otherworldly oasis of purity and light. Despite being luminaries, the peculiar approach of the house will eventually be talked about. Leaving a spot in one of the longest Architectural magazines worldly known, this minimalist mansion is also been featured at Architectural Digest.

“When I saw the kind of work he was doing, I thought, This man could design Batman’s house. I had to work with him,” Kanye says, adding, “It was a coup to get Axel to come to Calabasas to redo a McMansion, which is essentially what the house was.”

Taking notes from Vouge, Vervoordt confesses that it was an unlikely meeting of the minds. “I’m not from the pop world, the rapper’s world. But I discovered Kim and Kanye as wonderful human beings. We have common values in life, important human values, like respect for the beauty and spirituality of art,” the designer says. “You can call it religion, but this is perhaps beyond religion, a search for cosmic values of peace and positive energy. We had very profound conversations about the space of the mind and the importance of silence.”

For this mansion, the couple wanted neutral colors and simplicity to help create a sanctuary of “calmness” to retreat to from the “chaotic” outside world. Furnishings have also been kept to a bare minimum. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

The mansion is translated into a wholesale transformation it’s many rooms, all of which are sheathed in a luminous, off-white plaster and accented with other pale natural materials. “The proportions are the decoration,” Kanye says of the rarefied architecture. The furnishings kept to a bare minimum, consist mainly of Vervoordt’s characteristically subtle designs accompanied by sympathetic creations by the likes of Royère and Pierre Jeanneret.

Architectural Digest describes the mansion as a “wildly idiosyncratic family refuge,” uniformly minimalist in its off-white plaster walls and utter absence kitsch. However, for a family filled with growing children an oddly minimalist home can be a bit kitsch. Typical questions are raised like how the children can play or shout in this very clean eerie mansion.


Their lavish lifestyle and flashy possessions such as the extravagant Kardashian houses in Los Angeles intrigue a part of us in some ways.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Kim and Kanye are quick to point out that the mansion is eminently kid-friendly—and not just in the more traditionally cluttered play spaces and children’s bedrooms tucked away beyond the primary social zones. “The kids ride their scooters down the hallways and jump around on top of the low Axel tables, which they use as a kind of stage. This house may be a case study, but our vision for it was built around our family,” Kanye insists. Kim seconds the notion: “In the end, we don’t take it too seriously. We’re not going to be fanatics,” she says.

North’s room inside the mansion. Photo courtesy of Vincent VanDuysen.

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