Kenshin Japanese Izakaya Light Mall


Project Type: Commercial, Restaurant
Location: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

After a long tiring day at work, a meal and a beer seems perfect to end the day. Located in of the busiest cities in the country, Kenshin Japanese restaurant is the perfect hang out. Walking into Kenshin Izakaya is like being transported into the backroads of Japan’s metropolitan city. This Japanese restaurant is characterized by traditional Japanese interior embraced by contemporary. It contains neutral elements with a touch of bold colors like red and black. It also gives the ‘unfinished look’ by a mural with the famous ‘Great Wave of Kanagawa’. One thing is surely not to be missed out is the gastropub or also known as the ‘Izayaka’. If you’ve ever been in Japan, that’s how their counter looks like. The glow from the LED lantern adds elegance and festivity inside the area giving you the fun and casual blend of a restaurant and a bar.

Kenshin Japanese Izakaya

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