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Mitsuyado Sei-Men Restaurant

ミツヤードセイ - メンレストラン

Project Type: Commercial, Restaurant
Location: Taguig City, Metro Manila

There is more to Japanese cuisine than Sushi and Tonkatsu. A closely related friend of the typical Ramen is the Tsukemen which is basically eaten differently by dipping the noodles in a separate bowl of broth or soup. This Japanese restaurant in Taguig serves the best Tsukemen in town. Dubbed as the house of Tsukemen in the Philippines, one sip of their scrumptious Ramen immediately transports your palette to Japan and wallows your eyes in a street-scape replication of Tokyo’s old town. 

Mitsuyado Sei-Men Restaurant sets itself apart from other Japanese restaurants in the country because of its unique interior inspired by Shin-Yokohama Rāmen Museum, a replica of Tokyo’s famous old town, Shitamachi from the year 1958. Its dark interior and wooden furnishings are well balanced out by colorful 20th century Japanese posters and Ukiyo-e paintings of Samurais and Sumo wrestlers. The prominent use of corrugated galvanized iron sheet on the concrete walls adds the rustic element. Roofs of traditional Japanese house on top of installed glass partition for an eat-and-watch design concept resembles the traditional  Japanese Ramen house. The interior of this Japanese restaurant in Taguig is a quirky mixed of traditional Japanese streets and industrial style relevant to this day.