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UCC Clockwork Nuvali


Project Type: Commercial, Cafe
Location: Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Located in one of the easiest getaways from Manila, Nuvali is the perfect escape to immerse yourself back to mother nature while living within the Metro. Surrounded by lush green grass, clear blue sky and a picturesque terrain situated is UCC Clockwork Cafe, one of the raved coffee franchise in the country. For Hubert Young, bringing coffee appreciation into a higher level through sharing the experience with everyone is what coffee is truly about.

Japanese believes in the power of hospitality and and creating atmosphere. As soon as you step inside UCC Clockwork Nuvali, your eyes will get to enjoy rustic and industrial interior with a touch of greenery that will welcome people of all ages. What makes it more special is because of its alfresco that incorporates greenery with wood and metal for a contemporary ambiance. The glass window is also not to be missed. It gives the opportunity to highlight the key landscapes in the eco city. This coffee shop in Nuvali surely not to be missed out. A good quality coffee deserves to be enjoyed in an equally good place.