Yakiniku Kenshin


Project Type: Commercial, Restaurant
Location: Makati City, Metro Manila

Filipinos loves to eat. For us, three meals a day isn’t enough. For a country who loves to eat and considers cooking as an art, it is not possible we can easily adapt to other food cultures. One of the most raved food for the past years are grilled meat. Korea’s samgeopysal is sweeping the nation with its mouthwatering meat. But did you know that samgeopsyal are not the only ones that can satisfy your cravings? The Japanese has its own version of grilled meat, the yakiniku and it can be found within the metro as well! So next time you lined up on those long samgeopsyal restaurants, head up to the nearest yakiniku restaurant.

In designing Yakiniku Kenshin, the creative team of TGR took part in considering the very essence of the restaurant and what might be trending today. On the first glance of the Japanese restaurant, you are greeted with the prominent exposed burgundy brick surrounding the walls.The unfinished look is common in rustic design. Typically, things that are usually concealed are shown in a rustic design such as pipes and ducts. It complements the rustic vibes of these corners with soft light pendant lights wrapping up the industrial interior.

This Japanese restaurant does not only serves high quality food, but looks as well.

Yakiniku Kenshin

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