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Yamato Bakery CAFE


Project Type: Commercial, Cafe
Location: Taguig City, Metro Manila

Japan is famous for their abundant culture and tradition, technology, cuisine and mouth-watering pastries. Authentic Japanese pastries have immensely soft dough and rich filling that you wouldn’t normally get from any other bakeries. If you are craving for some freshly-baked Japanese pastries and fine coffee in a homey and Instagram-worthy interior – this Japanese bakery in Taguig is the haven you are looking for. 

In Yamato Bakery, it will be as if you’re buying straight from Tokyo. Your attempt for a ‘take out’ would fail once you see this minimal bakery, a masterpiece awashed with pristine decorative tiles, wooden surface, and suspended accent cabinets. Ironically, this Japanese bakery in Taguig which exudes a minimalist interior will entice you to maximize and indulge in your Japanese pastry cravings. 

Yamato Bakery Cafe