Interior Design Trends to Expect this 2020

blue furniture interior design
Storage furniture with a touch of marble. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

It’s not just a new year, but a new decade. New design trends are approaching up the horizon and with them comes the opportunity for a home revamp. Interior design trends are helpful in renovating by picking up the pieces on what to incorporate into your home.

While trying to have the gist of everything, Tokyo Grand Renovation listed all the home design trends that made the cut for 2020.


It’s no shocker that the blue will shine this 2020 since Pantone declared it as the color of the year. The color blue is an all-time classic interior asset. It’s relevance made it easier to cope up with since there’s a fresh and exciting diversity to each interior design.

A bright white and blue Scandinavian living room interior. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The number of colors that look good with blue makes it the supreme choice of most people when asked about their favorite color. What is really impressive about blue, however, is that both men and women agree it is the most serene and sophisticated shade, and they list it right next to neutrals due to the many color combinations with blue. Wherever applied, blue insinuates elegance and freshness, and that’s also because of the many colors that go with blue.

However, don’t just run with blue if ever you like bringing the color to your home. A lack of proper lighting or natural illumination can make a room small and gloomy. In interior design, it is important to make sure your room is right for blue before you decide blue is right for your room.


For starters, texture is not clutter. In interior design, texture is those pieces with surfaces that stand out from their surroundings and have a tactile quality. In this sense, texture comes from a variety of sources from soft fabrics and textiles to harder materials like wood and stone, on any touchable surface.

indonesian hotel interior design
A bit of texture can be seen by the walls and throughout the living room including the sofa and carpet. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

While texture may play a supporting role in the function of the space, it is no less vital to a design’s success. Picture trying to get comfortable on a seating set made of granite, difficult isn’t?  Always consider how texture will elevate the overall experience of your design.

Rugs are the simplest texture creators as placing just one in a key spot can quickly bring a room’s decor together. Don’t think that you have to just go for a thick, fluffy rug to add texture either. Woven or knitted rugs can be just as tactile. Playing with different textures will also create a chic look, for example, combine plain silk cushions with sequin or heavily embroidered versions for an intriguing contrast.


Here's what’s in and what’s out for 2019 – and that includes which interior design trends are going to be chic for the coming months.


While this trend has been going strong since the dawn of our global warming fears, it shows no sign of slowing down. Help ensure the quality of life by future generations by opting for locally sourced and naturally made products.

Another source of interior design is having plants. This is a no brainer. Plants provide oxygen and filter out harmful chemicals in the air. Plus, they offer natural beauty, ambiance, and freshness, bringing a little of the outside into your home.

scandinavian interior design
A Scandinavian themed living room filled with locally sourced products. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Other than materials is that you need to choose your surfaces wisely. You might be surprised to read this as they’re often considered a far cry from luxury interior design, but sourcing synthetic materials and upholstery can actually help the environment in the long run. They stay clean and last longer – just make sure you’ll be happy seeing them around your home in years.

You might be surprised to read this as they’re often considered a far cry from luxury, but sourcing synthetic materials and upholstery can actually help the environment in the long run as they generally stay clean and last longer – just be sure you’ll be happy to see them around your home years. 

orange leather sofa
A leather sofa is always worth the investment. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Even better is to source materials created from recycled fabrications and waste as sustainable interior design takes never before considered approaches for the best results. Similarly, seek surfaces like counters and tabletops that are easy to clean, require less time, and product. Teak for one is a great alternative to more delicate wood as it is ultra-durable and quick to manage.


Every home had its wallpaper phase. But figuring how to work out with big and bold patterns at home can be a common designing dilemma.

The usual bold wallpapers that can be seen are tropical motifs which include big leafy palms and florals in more saturated blooms. Bold wallpaper not only creates endless visual interest, but it also can replace expensive artwork and act as a focal point in a room, especially when used as an accent wall.

green wallpaper
A fancy wallpaper in a hotel. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

There are certain patterns that look particularly interesting and balanced. But interior design cannot be boiled down into a formula or specific steps, balance is the key to an exquisite room. The challenge in bold patterns is to encourage all of the elements to interact together in a unique and inviting way. The elements of interior design are like the language of a room, each corner should be understandable.


Cultural influence is usually incorporated in the traditional interior design. They form a rich ensemble look that has many interesting facets including antiques. For the year 2020, adding vintage pieces to modern interior is the way to go.

a cozy nook
A cozy nook at Matchstick Coffee in Vancouver. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

When the old meets new, differences are shown. But in home decor, it can bring the best of the past into your home. You may start in the key pieces of a room like a mirror or a carpet. But for a maximum impact, you can have antique chandeliers or curtains.

Keep in mind that one of the simplest ways to have a harmonious mix of traditional furnishing is to limit accessories. This reduces the risk of rooms that seem cluttered and full of elements that clash visually.

Inspired by these latest interior trends? Have your place a fresh face this 2020!

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