Kindercore Design: A New Kind of Simplicity

Kindercore is an easy style interior design that centers around primary colors. Photo courtesy of Haute Living.

For years, we’ve known that in the interior design world there are mainly two things you can go for, it’s either you choose your style to be minimalist or maximalist. But how about we tell you that these opposing design styles can be combined? In a world where change is constant, this emerging interior design concept is all about going all-in but with reservations.

The new kid on the block named Kindecore is a vibrant, carefree, and almost childlike interior design movement. Color blocking and brightly-colored geometrical shapes are the staples that make this design truly pop. It is simple yet uniquely made for anyone who wants to have fun in their home without going all out.

"Kindercore style seems perhaps a response to the stressors of our time and our collective desire to move in a compassionate, inclusive direction." Nothing can claim to be truly unique, and even a very novel design trend has to be inspired by something, somewhere, or someone. -Sarah Barnard


Kindercore’s interior design is quite simple but makes a statement. Minimalism is all about crisp fine lines with muted colors and minimal items are inserted, meanwhile maximalist is all going all out about colors and numerous items inside in a given space. It is safe to say that Kindercore is bringing the fun in simplicity.

Kindercore is one of the newest design ideas in the 21st century. Design enthusiasts say that most of the elements are akin to famous architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld and artist Piet Mondrian. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

According to The Spruce, the most similar design movement to Kindercore is Memphis, created by an Italian design group founded in the early ’80s, which went against the trends of the time with innovative and radical designs.

While the key elements of Kindercore as interior design are not entirely new, the reemergence of primary colors and childlike design is a stark and welcomed contrast to the monochromatic and simplistic approaches that have dominated the past decade.


Part of Philippe Malouin's Group collection for SCP, the Group Armchair features a fixed, round seat and low back, which offers depth and comfort. Photo courtesy of Haute Living.

The most commonly used colors in the Kindercore interior design revolve mostly around primary colors. However, it is important to note that this doesn’t mean you should paint your entire house top-to-bottom in these hues. Instead, if you are looking to implement this trendy design into your home, it would be best to do so in areas that feature quite a neutral design.


Some people might not know, some might, but the aspect of Color is the most important part of Interior Design.

To add some Kindercore into your home, look for chubby furniture pieces in some of your favorite primary colors. Additionally, Pantone’s spring/summer color palette can also serve as a great inspiration. By investing in just a few statement pieces you will be able to lighten the mood in your interior.


The Block collection unites the concepts of trendy design, comfortable sofas, timeless pieces, and exclusive products. This unique sofa and armchair duo was inspired by construction block games played by children. Photo courtesy of Haute Living.

If you’ve never heard of chubby furniture before, don’t worry… you’re not alone. Visualize, if you will, the complete opposite of the type of furniture you’d see in a very grown-up, very minimalist interior. As The Spruce notes, chubby furniture takes the clean lines, sharp edges and simple designs we’re used to, and replaces them with voluptuous curves, thick bodies, and the kind of aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place in a kid’s bedroom.

It is safe to say that if there were a furniture spectrum, this type of furniture would be on the opposite side of the clean-lined mid-century furniture pieces. Curved lines and thick sides make this type of furniture just enough juvenile to fit into the adult living space, without coming off as too childlike. These pieces are also generally unbelievably comfortable, which not only makes them a cool aesthetic choice but also a practical one. 


There is something to be said about the fact that, once we reach a certain age, we tend to embrace once more the things that used to make us happy when we kids. These neotenic shapes and forms with their soft and inviting designs tend to drive quite a positive emotional response which makes them the perfect choice for our interiors. Wouldn’t it be nice to – at the end of a crazy day – come home to this childlike, inviting interior and allow it to instantly lift your spirits?

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