Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos

Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos

Aside from increasingly intelligent smart houses, the request for greener communities is the current inclination of many homeowners. More and more individuals are realizing that carbon footprints and industrial emissions are causing real and permanent damage to the planet. This pushes many to shift their habits to what’s now called as the eco lifestyle.

Engaging in an eco lifestyle involves living in more natural and ecological ways. The Housing & Development Board of Singapore, for one, makes use of the acronym “GREEN CREW”, which promotes and stands for GREENing, Clean commuting, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle, Energy efficiency, and Water conservation. Related to the world agenda of sustainable development, the international commercial organization Architecture 2030 has previously released its battle cry: the 2030 Challenge. The 2030 Challenge is a global initiative aiming to help reduce global warming and carbon gas emissions through the construction and architecture sector. The challenge set different standards for the development of new and renovated infrastructures and buildings. These include the reduced energy consumption performance of 50%. The overall goal is to have carbon-neutral properties by 2030, or zero-energy (zero fossil fuel) buildings.

The non-stock organization of the country, the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC), is also campaigning and developing BERDE. Standing for Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence, BERDE is intended to become the country’s own green building rating system. This system is intended to become the local, environmental practices and standards for the nation’s building industry. On the other hand, half of the industry is focused in coming up with ways to contribute in the decrease of environmental degradation. The urban eco lifestyle now makes use of green solutions, like vertical gardens. Known to eliminate air pollutants and to reduce traffic noise, vertical gardens are commonly seen in high-rise condominium skyscrapers and residential buildings.

In line with this, various methods are being employed by real estate companies to incorporate sustainability and greener living in their properties. Promoting more eco-friendly environments to individuals and families in the metro, below is a list of condominiums that you might want to consider if you’re all up for a green and sustainable eco lifesyle as well.

Elements Residences

Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos
Image courtesy of Elements Residences

The Elements Residences is a premier, eco-efficient condominium complex located in the metro of Pasig City. The property, developed by GFL Metro, is laden with environmental features of solar panels, green roofs, rainwater catchment, and smart controller technology. Elements Residences is a member of the Green Council, and it’s going to have two towers – Nerou and Aire.

With Greek etymologies, Nerou translates to English as “water”. The Nerou Tower is specifically designed to conserve and promote the social and medical benefits of water. The Aire Tower, on the other hand, is a direct translation of air. The facilities of the tower evidently prioritizes the eco lifestyle through the breathtaking Sky Garden and Hanging Garden.

Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos
Image courtesy of Elements Residences

The Elements Residences is currently in the pre-selling phase, with unit sizes ranging from 22 to 60 sqm. These are called Silver, Silver+, Gold, Gold+, Platinum, and Platinum+ accordingly. Prices start from approximately Php 2.6 Million up to Php 7.1 Million.

Arya Residences

Developed by ArthaLand Corporation, the Arya Residences is located in the prestigious McKinley Parkway of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The luxury two-tower building boasts a fine collection of spacious units, which include 2-bedroom grand rooms, 2-bedroom premiers, 3-bedroom grands, penthouse villas, and penthouse mansions. All ready for occupancy, price of units range from Php 17 Million to Php 25 Million.

Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos
Image courtesy of Wikimapia

What’s unique about Arya Residences is not just its prime sophistication. Its passionate dedication for greener living and eco lifestyle is what makes it stand out. The high-rise is built in accordance to the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, or LEED. LEED is an international, standard green building certification system which verifies whether a certain building or infrastructure has been built through energy-saving techniques and performance-optimizing methods.

Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos
Image courtesy of Arya Residences

Believing that green is the new luxury, Arya Residences is the first of its kind in the Philippines. On their website, they highlight the property’s key green features which involve design innovation, site sustainability, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. The materials and resources used in the development of the residences are of high caliber and strength. The units are people-friendly without being high-maintenance. Each unit is claimed to be noise-proof and permitting of natural light. Paint with low volatile organic content was also utilized.

The condominium also has many awards, such as being considered as One of the Highly Recommended Condominiums in the Philippines (Southeast Asia Property Awards/SEAPA 2011), Best Residential Development in the Philippines (Southeast Asia Property Awards/SEAPA 2012), and the Environmental Leadership Award (Worldwide Fund Philippines 2011 and 2012).

The Grand Midori Makati

Luxurious and environmental, the Grand Midori prides itself as the “height of Zen-living in Makati City”. The high-rise eco lifestyle sanctuary literally translates to “the grand green”. It is jointly developed by Federal Land, Metrobank, and Japan’s Orix Corporation.
Live Your Eco Lifestyle Naturally in these City Condos

Fusing Japanese expertise and Filipino aesthetic, The Grand Midori is highly-inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Zen. The premium finishes of the units were created and developed to reflect functionality and sophistication. The amenities are designated to bring out tranquility, peace of mind, and grandeur to all of its occupants and dwellers. All remaining units are also ready for occupancy, with a Php 5.2 Million to Php 30 Million price range.

The growing trends on sustainability now includes a shift to eco lifestyle. Elements Residences, Arya Residences, and The Grand Midori Makati can be considered as the pioneers for creating eco-friendly spaces in Manila’s urban hubs. Should you find yourself advocating for a greener earth, these high-rise havens can be your next sanctuary.

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