McDonald’s Futuristic Store Design Launches in Chicago

McDonald's Flagship Store in Chicago TGRph
MCDONALD'S CHICAGO - image courtesy of Ross Barney Architects

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is going into its most innovative renovation to date. Just this month, Mcdonald’s launched its flagship megastore in Chicago which makes you second guess if it’s really a fast food chain or a technology store.

The edifice was designed by Ross Barney Architects, a Chicago-based company pioneering in contemporary design. Spanning 1,765-square-meter, the McDonald’s flagship fast-food restaurant features energy saving elements, sustainable materials, and digital ordering system.

"Sustainability as the new normal."


For a company with over 36,000 fast food restaurants all over the world, McDonalds carries a gigantic role in protecting the global environment. The new flagship store in Chicago uses Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) for its structural system, the company’s smart and innovative approach towards making “sustainability as the new normal.”

Interestingly sturdy in function yet lightweight in its environmental footprint, CLT is the future of sustainable construction materials. Unlike steel and concrete, this wood material produces less solid waste and is widely used across Europe. McDonald’s is the first commercial building to use this in Chicago.

On the roof, 1, 062 solar energy panels capture the heat of the sun to power up parts of the building. However, this is not the first time when McDonald’s used renewable energy source. In 2009, the fast food company opened its first LEED store in North Carolina.

McDonald's Futuristic Store Design Launches in Chicago
MCDONALD'S CHICAGO - image courtesy of DEZEEN


Digital menu boards which tell useful information like prices, and even the calories you’ll get if you order a certain food serve as self-serving kiosks. The concept isn’t totally new since it has been used by the fast food restaurant since 2003 in US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


This Starbucks in Italy looks straight out of a classic film.

McDonald's Flagship Store in Chicago TGRph EATER CHICAGO
MCDONALD'S CHICAGO - image courtesy of Eater Chicago
According to Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s, people tend to “buy more” when menus are presented through a touchscreen smart device. This psychological strategy is expected to boost to as much as 5-6 percent, annually.


MCDONALD'S CHICAGO - image courtesy of McDonald's

The previously untapped spaces were utilized using ferns and white birch trees. On the kitchen roof, the store awes customers with a column of “harvestable apple trees”, the company’s way of exhibiting the urban farming in the future.

McDonald's Flagship Store in Chicago EATER CHICAGO 2
MCDONALD'S CHICAGO - image courtesy of McDonald's

Did the futuristic feel of the interior design spike your interest?

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