‘Melt’ Into This Japanese House that Pivots Around an Indoor Garden

At the feet of a mountain sits a tiny house that reconnects with nature. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi.

The urge of every urban homeowner to have a touch of the natural environment into their home is common. Along with the increase of vertical living within the city, micro homes are getting a major revamp. Within Osaka’s prefecture, a young family in Yao city dreamt of a home in which they could reconnect with nature.

Named as ‘Melt’ House, the very talented Satoshi Saito of SAI Architectural Design Office took the young family’s directive by heart.

“Taking a nap under a tree, touching a leaf, planting a tree or flowers, spending time directly feeling the wind, and smelling greenery” were all requests from homeowners.
The Melt House presents a corrugated exterior. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi.

Set on a narrow, 18-foot-wide site, a garden is able to be placed inside. This serves as the main attraction of the house. The indoor garden functions as a multi-functional indoor and outdoor space in the micro house that could be used freely as a spatial device activating various functions.

The house is comprised of two structures that are unified by a double-height, courtyard-like space with clerestory windows allowing for natural light to enter. This hybrid house accepts temporal, climatic, and seasonal changes linked to the residents’ habits, and characterized by wide openings to allow plenty of light and air accompanying the presence of the trees.

Serves as the dry garden of the Melt house. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi.
The plan brings plenty of natural light and ventilation into the house, even though it is a long and narrow building," says Saito. "By placing the dry garden between the dining room and the living room, you can use it daily and live with greenery."

Giving off a minimalist style, interiors include soft lines, neutral colors, and natural materials left bare, all designed while considering the perspectives to be enjoyed from inside and outside in a continuous and flowing exchange of views.


A group of Japanese Architects called Atelier Tekuto successfully made a home out of volcanic ash.

An extension of the living room, which can be separated by a folding glass door. The angled roofline and clerestory windows are visible above the second-story bedroom window. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi.

The courtyard joins the two wings of the house. One serves as a traditional Japanese room with a double-height living room and second-floor loft. The other contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the open kitchen and dining room

The building, constructed and clad in wood, is lived in sequence. The choice of the designers was to realize a residence on two floors imagined as a long and continuous corridor organizing spaces where paths merge with rooms through a game of micro open spaces and double-height atmospheres.

The curved room added a bit of a minimalist touch to the house. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi

Despite its minimal space, there are many built-in furnishings like bookshelves, chairs, and tables in wood, which were all studied to be an integral part of the architecture to be able to maximize the space.

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