Minimalist Holiday Decor to Try This 2019

modern minimalist christmas
New minimalist and Nordic approach for designing Christmas trees. Photo courtesy of Freebeing.

Bright lights, colorful decorations, and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ blasting in almost every store serves as a reminder that the busiest holiday is coming. Decorating for the holidays may seem expensive and time-consuming, there’s an alternate way to do Christmas; embrace minimalism.

How you do your minimalist Christmas is solely unique since minimalism is different for everyone. In deciding how to apply minimalism in your life, it is important to promote the things you value the most and disregard anything that distracts us from it.

There’s no harm in not doing any Christmas traditions. Make way for new traditions and see how it turns out. 


The goal to have a wonderful holiday celebration is to aim for the Christmas we want and not the one we think we should have. Sit down and think about how you want to spend the holidays. Reflecting on what’s really important brings back to the core making it easier to convert what Christmas really means for you.

Decorating for the holidays shouldn’t be that stressful. Tokyo Grand Renovation will show you that less will surely do more for your home.


Since you decided to opt for a minimalist theme this Christmas, first you need to decide which color scheme you’ll go for. 

If the space has already a contemporary look, usually black and white or chrome, focus on the space as it is with silver, white, subtle glitter or crystals, it will maintain the minimalist look.

On the other hand, if the space is already decorated in warm or colorful tones, don’t fight with it. Putting on sleek and sophisticated decorations will draw out the existing interior or the decoration itself.

“There's definitely a difference between your house looking like an explosion of decorations, compared to something that's more elegant and considered. It's not necessarily having fewer decorations, it's just more about considering them in the same way you consider decorating your room.” -Julia Kendell
concrete christmas minimalist decor
Minimalist concrete decoration. Photo from Etsy.

To summarize, if the space is warm and cozy, choose Christmas decorations in shapes and colors that retain that feeling. If the space is cool and sleek, choose decorations that are also sleek and sophisticated. (The Spruce)


Why have a white Christmas when you can have a green one?


Since the main attraction for every home during the holidays is the Christmas tree, try having a different approach by leaving the tree as it is. From minimalist decals to modern copper trees, there are plenty of cool ways to break free from the classic firs.

The usual setup of a Christmas tree to make it stand out in a room. One minimalist approach is to make out the naturalness of the tree by blending it into the surrounding space. Instead of being a focal point, simply add the tree to the space.

small christmas tree
Small Christmas trees that doesn’t take too much space are one of the things that should be considered when opting for a minimalist Christmas. Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy and Rgdaily.

In emphasizing the minimalist aesthetic, rooms decorated for Christmas often use trees with sparse or thin branches. This approach brings greater attention to a smaller number of ornaments that won’t overload the thin branches. At the same time, the sparseness of the foliage speaks to the unassuming perspective of Scandinavian design.

With so much connection between modern Christmas celebrations and minimalist design, it’s really no wonder that this quiet, clean aesthetic can be a welcome change from the over-the-top opulence that generally marks the Christmas season.


Christmas decorations are temporary and can be over the top and whimsical. Have a fun approach by decorating your home with items that are not usually commercialized. Have collectibles? Showcase some of your collections you kept all year. If it’s special to you, it can easily become a temporary and festive display.

The usual ornaments that can be seen on the holidays are lights, garlands or tinsel. These ornaments are not required. For instance, you can place a small Christmas tree adorned with tiny toys, miniature dolls, or sports items in a child’s bedroom. Add twinkling white lights and you’ll have a wonderful night light for the holiday season.

Whichever you opt for, there is plenty of inspiration out there to fuel your creativity. Spend some time on understanding what an ideal Christmas is. It’s just best to dig in the closet or head out to the store and start picking out things to decorate with. Once you get started, it will all come together and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

Try having a different approach this Christmas by embracing minimalism. Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give in this life is not worth a 9-digit signature bag or a thousand square foot condominium but the gift of being an instrument of change in this passive and consumerist world.

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