Minimalist Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen Interior Design to Japandi

Minimalist Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen Interior Design to Japandi
TURNING JAPANDI - image courtesy of Materialicious

Kitchen is the heart of the home,” some might say. Have you ever wondered why you and your family gravitate toward the kitchen? Over the years, the kitchen became the center of the house that caters to everyone in your family and even serves as a place to accept guests. And now, husband or wife, brother or sister, everyone in the family uses the kitchen. Given this title, it is only fair that your kitchen design embodies the warm and welcoming feeling it is supposed to represent.

Since our kitchen serves different kinds of people, but it should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. For this year, 2019, there is a new design trend that serves both beautiful and functional that show the beauty in imperfection.

Japandi is the fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design and according to experts, it is currently one of the promising trends for interior design in 2019. Because of the similarities between the two designs, Japandi found harmony between their minimalist roots and love for simple but still aesthetically pleasing and functional design. But before we dive in the fusion, let us first understand the humble beginnings of both Scandinavian Design and Japanese Design to understand how they blended so well together and created a partnership despite the distance of their country of origin.

Minimalist Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen Interior Design to Japandi
WOODEN KITCHEN - image courtesy of Nordiskakok

Scandinavian Design is known for it’s simple and clean design and their priority to make space functional which is their number one priority. With the abundance of space, the rustic design stands out and gives the room the feeling of warmth and coziness. This minimalist design started in the 1930s which originated from Nordic countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden that found its way to the United States and Canada.

To understand Japanese design, we must first look into the concept of Wabi-Sabi that originated from Zen Buddhism or Japanese Buddhism. This school of Buddhism believes in the beauty of imperfection and teaches self-control and to bond with nature. The beauty of Asian design is the imperfect shapes and rough edges add to the rustic design that is similar to the Scandinavian design. It is said that Japanese design is suitable for any room and brings harmony between a person and his or her environment.


The marriage between Scandi and Japanese design is their inspiration with nature. Both designs believes in naturally made products that are ecologically friendly and sustainable. They both promote minimalistic design with functionality as their main priority. Though similar, both Scandinavian and Japanese designs have a unique element in their design, and they blend so well together that they paved their way to the appeal of experts in 2019.


Though both styles believes in natural materials such as wood, they have a distinct taste on what kind it is. In your kitchen, look for the furnishing that compliments well together and show the contrast between the lightness from the Scandi elements and the darkness from the Japanese elements.


The main purpose of both styles is to make useful designs that are also beautiful. Both designs, value functionality so your kitchen must not only be “aesthetic” but also furnished with useful elements that you, your family and maybe even some of your guests can appreciate. With that said, there are statement pieces that you can incorporate to further enhance the aesthetic of the room.

Minimalist Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen Interior Design to Japandi
DIFFERENT FURNITURE, SAME LOOK AND STYLE - image courtesy of Nordiskakok

“Future cities are themselves ruins. Our contemporary cities are destined to live only a fleeting moment," he said.


Both Japanese and Scandinavian design styles have different color palettes that they incorporate to their design. For Scandi style, they lean more towards the lighter color, like white and pastels, while Japanese style leans towards the dark side for their color palette. With this, Japandi creates beautiful harmony between light and dark colors while also showing the contrast between the two.


In the Japanese design, furniture tend to be lower than most interior design styles because it is traditional in Japan and there is a need in their culture to be closer to the ground. Being low to the ground gives a sense of having more space.

Simple and minimal lines combined with fun patterns can create a homey feel to the room and add a bit of texture to the design.

Minimalist Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen Interior Design to Japandi
OPEN AND NATURALE- image courtesy of Nordiskakok


Japandi design style finds beauty and inspiration. So, it is only fitting to incorporate plants and handmade pots into your kitchen to create a sense of peace and connection between you and your environment. Choose simple green plants instead of flowers together with a stunning vase. Be careful not to go overboard, a simple plant as a centerpiece or a decorative in the corner will do just fine.

The concept of Japandi may come off as a simple one, especially with the blending hybrid of the concepts of Zen and Scandinavian. However, this style is especially ideal in the kitchen, as it is the most used space in the house aside from the bedroom. The simple touch of a Japandi design helps you in two aspects – first, concentration in cooking, and second, focusing on the yummy taste test, of course!

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