Mother’s Love: Reminiscent Interior Places that Remind Us of Mom

Mother's Love: Reminiscent Interior Places that Remind Us of Mom

Mothers are the best people in the world. They invest all their love and support without asking anything in return. The feeling of having a home is comparable to a mother’s love. After a long tiring day, we would go home to feel free and be surrounded by positivity. We cling up to them when the world seems to push us. Like a mother who makes us feel loved and warm, we also want to have a home where we can share our vulnerability and be embraced with love. This Mother’s Day, everyone in Tokyo Grand Renovation wants to pay homage to our mothers in the way we know how – through decor and interior. 

Which part of home do we remember our moms the most?


Balconies give extra space on areas without a lot like apartment buildings. This is perhaps one of the benefits of having a balcony. After all the hustle and bustle, you may want to relax and have a serene place of your own. One of the perks of having a balcony is having easy access to aerial views. You may enjoy the breathtaking view of sunsets and the feel fresh air that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of your childhood.

Mother's Love: Reminiscent Interior Places that Remind Us of Mom
BALCONY DATES WITH MAMA - image courtesy of YouTube

It also gives versatility to the environment of the home. You may enjoy outdoor settings like barbeque parties and dinner. Balconies may also be transformed into a garden which most moms like to do.


One of the advice that moms usually tell is that the first step of winning is failing. Gardening requires a series of trial and errors. It’s an experiment that takes over and over to make the plants grow beautiful and healthy. Like in life, there hardships and failures before one achieve success.

Home gardens are very common in urban homes. It gives a connection to nature in the middle of the city. String gardens are very common in apartment or flats. One popular practice of string gardening is the Kokedama (苔玉) or ‘moss ball’ in English. It uses akadama soil, peat, moss, and sand in each of the clay balls in a string garden plan.

A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself.
- May Sarton
Mother's Love: Reminiscent Interior Places that Remind Us of Mom
AN INTIMATE TALK IN THE HOME GARDEN - image courtesy of Home-Designing

A string garden does not need pots that is common in container gardening. These plants only use a minimal amount of space, therefore you can enjoy having a garden and still have room to accommodate furniture.

Having a garden may help you practice your creativity, figuring out which to plant, in what way to arrange them and which is more beneficial to all plants. Even not participating in a gardening task, just sitting and relaxing on your garden may give you a serene feeling and relaxation.


Know the real psychology behind what makes an interior design masculine or feminine.


Another way how moms show their love towards their family is by cooking. A mother’s cooking will always have an impact on a child until it grows up. A perfect example of describing this feeling is when Anton Ego from Ratatouille had a flashback of his childhood after tasting the meal.

You may find yourself reminiscing the time you were sneaking inside the kitchen to taste some of the sauce and running back to your room as your mother caught you picking your fingers on the food. Study says that food memories are more sensory than other memories in that they involve really all five senses, so when you’re that thoroughly engaged with the stimulus it has a more powerful effect.

KITCHEN BONDINGS OF LOVE - image courtesy of Pinterest

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a part of the house where it is utilized by all family members on a regular basis. Mothers often rule the kitchen that’s why it makes extra special. They always make an effort to provide heartwarming meals for the family.


The most used spaces in a house are the living room. It has many purposes, from hanging out with the family to entertaining guests or just by relaxing by watching tv. Typically, living rooms have plenty of seating and it serves as the casual and most versatile rooms. A lot of items are placed in a living room so it’s important to arrange them in the most efficient way.

Mother's Love: Reminiscent Interior Places that Remind Us of Mom
LATE NIGHT MOVIES WITH MOMMY - image courtesy of Coco Lapine Design

According to Joy Ejercito, a mother and an interior designer, the living room should be the heart of a home.“Since it’s spacious, the kids use it to study, take a nap, play video games, play the piano, and watch movies,” she shares. “And we get to do those things with them as well.”

This Mother’s Day, get your mother something special by redecorating her home to thank her for the amount she spent in the kitchen to feed you wonderful meals while you’re growing up.

Above all, make her feel loved because she deserves it.

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