New Paint Idea: Colored Doors

different colored door

Truth be told, when building or remodeling a home, a lot of details are being taken for granted and a door is one of them. Doors play an important role in a home. It includes providing privacy, buffering noises and also serves as a separation between rooms. Now, imagine your home without any doors in it? Funny right? Even with its constant use, it is possible for it to be functional without sacrificing style.

A common misconception by the general is that smaller features might not have much big of an impact. Interior doors are one of the most visible design elements in your home and it offers a visual impact that should not be undervalued. There are many choices that can impact your overall design and a simple painted door can do the right thing.

These visually appealing doors are one of the painting trends that has been showing up on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds and it’s living up to our cute apartment fantasies. It is a creative way to bring out one’s character to a space. With less risk than having a full room painted or accent walls, this process will surely capture the eyes of anyone. 

brown doors
An example of doors having the same general style. Photo courtesy of Garafoli.

One advantage of having your home being built is that the possibilities are endless. On selecting interior doors for your home, you don’t have to choose the exact same door for every room. But keep in mind that the general style or finish is uniformed to ensure the consistency and cohesion of the home.

It is important to also keep in mind the size and style of the rooms when selecting doors. While most interior doors are painted white, using color or natural wood colors can add sophistication and dramatic impact.

When it comes to the painted door look, it is important to consider the overall atmosphere you want to achieve in your home. A bright color will add energy to a space, while a neutral or muted tone will help the room feel soothing and peaceful. Black, the color Nokes says most people choose, is both dramatic and understated. If you’re considering painting your interior doors, black is perhaps the easiest color to start with.

By having your door colored, it instantly adds personality to your home. It is one of the easiest ways to have your home a facelift. When choosing a color for your front door, think about what kind of statement you want to make. Here are some colored door inspirations


It’s time to consider these home design ideas that you can choose from.

yellow door

Since doors only cover a small amount of space. The color yellow is a perfect choice to highlight a space..

green doors
An eco-friendly home by Tanya McKenna. Photo courtesy of Raw Edge Furniture.

This cool and calming tone works well with lighter colors, bringing them to life. It’s especially great for homes in desert climates or yards without grass, bringing some brightness to a sparse landscape.

blue door

If you went with a lighter neutral tone for your exterior paint color, a blue door is a wonderful option. It adds a cool tone to your outdoor space and works well to balance out brighter colors too. It’s a particularly great choice for buildings with natural stone or light wood finishes.

Think about which color appeals to you the most, and get ready to instantly update the look of your home. You’ll be amazed at what a huge difference this little change can make.

If you need professional help in curating wonderful and creative color schemes, Tokyo Grand Renovation is the one to call. We offer premium services, top-notch imported design materials, and unprecedented Japanese craftsmanship. 

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