Smart Home Residence in Ridgeview, Nuvali has Japanese Inspiration

Smart Home Residence in Ridgeview, Nuvali has Japanese Inspiration

PROJECT LOCATION: Ridgeview Estates, Nuvali Laguna
THEME: Contemporary Japanese

Contemporary and tech-savvy with an influence of Japanese aesthetic, this smart home is a dream come true for a young family of four. Situated at the heart of Nuvali, Laguna, it is designed to witness the growth of two little boys and the strengthening love between a wife and a husband.


Tokyo Grand Renovation’s expert designer utilized the first floor with an open layout. Popular in Japanese culture, this approach uses no wall partitions and allows the married to multitask. They can do chores in the kitchen while keeping an eye on their children who are playing in the living room. At the same time, this space technique works best for the couple because they can entertain guests while cooking and preparing food.

The open layout also provides an unhindered pathway for both natural light and air to flood in. When the sun rays get too heavy, the beige toned curtains function as a fashionable drapery to block the heat.

Even in the absence of partitions, each space is still distinct on its own thanks to the alterations in elegant wallpapers.

The dining area is decorated with an abstract grey wallpaper that adds a trendy rustic touch to the wooden table set. Meanwhile, the living room’s accent wall is veiled by a high-end decorative covering natural stone style.

Dominating the Japanese aesthetic are the sophisticated earth-toned vinyl tiles. Incorporated into the ceiling and floor, they signify the peaceful lifestyle the young family wants to achieve.

Smart Home Residence in Ridgeview, Nuvali has Japanese Inspiration


Alongside its stylish but humble look, our client’s household is equipped with the latest smart innovations.

From high-tech Japanese kitchen appliances to self-cleaning toiled bidets, our client realized some impressive investments. As residents enter the house, they can turn the lights on through their smartphones. Since it’s WiFi-enabled, physical contact is no longer needed.

To add convenience in the kitchen, our decorator opted for a touchless sink faucet. It boasts of a motion sensor that turns on and off automatically.

Upstairs, a smart Japanese toilet seat gives the family the freedom to adjust water pressure and choose their desired temperature.


Install this trendy and high-end wallcoverings to make your condo more extravagant.

Nuvali Residence - Smart Home


Childhood is an exciting phase of life. It becomes even more exciting when you have something to climb on. For the kid’s room, our client chose a multipurpose loft. Unlike regular beds, the sturdy loft provides a more efficient boundary among rest, play, and study time.

The top bunk serves as a hidden bed where the kids can retreat at night. With the purpose of igniting the kid’s sense of wonder, we installed a galaxy themed wallpaper on the kid’s room ceiling.

It shimmers when the light is off and appears like little clouds when the sun is up. Through this creative renovation, the room becomes a perfect spot for the kids to imagine their own world.

Another interesting addition is that the walls were installed with chalkboard wallpapers. It spans throughout the lower part of the walls and creates a functional space where the boys could draw on.



Next to the kids room is the master’s bedroom. The client loves this room the most as it’s both wide and airy, similar to their welcoming personality. The queen sized bed had an ample storage space underneath and a headboard with open drawers on both sides. We also incorporated a romantic hint in the room through artsy tiny leaves wallpaper. Our client loves how it gives a subtle understated appeal to their personal space.

Enjoyed having a virtual house tour of this smart home? Which mechanisms and smart devices do you wish to have in your home?

From wallpapers to furniture fit out, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) ensures that your preference surfaces in the interior – clothed in elegance and luxurious sophistication.

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