Pacific Plaza Towers BGC: The Tallest Twin Towers in Taguig

Pacific Plaza Towers BGC: The Tallest Twin Towers in Taguig

One of the pioneering infrastructures in Bonifacio Global City, Pacific Plaza Towers BGC is considered the tallest twin towers in the city of Taguig. With an all-glass facade, this 51-storey building is one of the first skyscrapers around the area, rising up to 179 meters tall and became a legendary landmark that you can hardly miss. And if you did not know, Pacific Plaza Towers became the background for the iconic music video Taralets by Imago.

It is no secret that there is a sudden rise of residential condominiums in the Philippines, no matter where you go, especially in Metro Manila. Areas in Makati, BGC, and Manila, are some of the areas that have truly developed with rising numbers of condominiums, office buildings and business districts, not to mention the other provinces that also adapted the urban lifestyle of building skyscrapers and condominiums. These progressive cities have an abundance of the tallest buildings and the most magnificent skyscrapers. According to a study, the increasing number of condominiums coincide with the growing population of the country and it is said that the Millennial generation jump-started the demand for condos, thus reshaping the urban landscape of the Philippines.


Pacific Plaza Towers BGC is one those skyscrapers that leaves almost everyone in awe and it is also one of the first skyscrapers in Bonifacio Global City even before the city progressed into the state it is in right now.

This infrastructure was erected in 2001 and was, at that time, considered to be the tallest twin towers in the Philippines until 2009 when St. Francis Shangri-La Place was built in Ortigas Center. And because of the continuous construction of buildings in the Philippines, Pacific Plaza Towers BGC got a lower rank in the Philippines’ tallest buildings. But still, like mentioned before, they are still considered to be the tallest twin towers in Taguig.

Behind every masterpiece there are amazing people that worked day and night for it. The people behind in the creation of these towers are the world renowned architectural firm, Arquitectonica, together with Recio + Casas Architects was the team for the design and the structural engineers was Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Leslie E. Roberts Associates and Philippine-based firm, Aromin & Sy Associates.


Live inside the most expensive and the most luxurious in the Philippines to date.


With the acquired popularity of the building, Pacific Plaza Towers BGC is no stranger with a couple of controversies against them. One instance is during the trial of one the most controversial pork barrel and corruption cases in the Philippines. The name of the towers was included in the narrative of alleged pork barrel scam perpetrator, Janet Napoles, when whistleblower Benhur Uy claimed that she owns two units from Pacific Plaza Towers.

The management was also under fire from July to October of last year, 2018 when 17 of their employees was suddenly let go from their work in Pacific Plaza Towers despite working for them for quite some time. According to Rappler, the management of the posh twin towers ended their contract with Polystar General Services which left the employees, who worked for their homeowners for months and years, with no job and no income to provide for their families. They pleaded to the management to regularize their employees. Unfortunately, they did not accommodate their request so they decided to do a hunger strike in front Pacific Plaza Towers BGC.


Despite being one of the most luxurious condominiums in the Philippines, Pacific Plaza Towers is considered to be a low density condo with only two unit apartments per wing with both towers having 51 floors. The apartment sizes range from 300 square meters to 600 square meters. The placement of the building gives the homeowners the perfect view of the sunrise and sunset.

There are pools allotted for residents that would want to swim. There is an olympic sized pool that has a swimmer’s lap and another pool for non-professional residents that only wants to swim and chill. There is also a children’s pool with a built-in waterfall that the kids can play in.

Other features of the twin towers are landscaped gardens, a gym or fitness center, children’s play area, squash court and function room, all for the enjoyment of the residents. There is also a chapel, helipad on each tower, multi level parking with 1,354 slots and meditation gardens. The building has a security department and is guarded 24/7 with CCTV monitoring. In case of calamities and accidents, there are emergency power supply and fire alarms. The building is also located near the trendiest restaurants, schools, hospitals, shopping location, business districts and lifestyle establishments.

If you are planning to stay at the tallest twin towers in Taguig, Pacific Plaza Towers BGC are located at 4th Avenue, West Crescent Park, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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