5 Stunning Residential Skyscrapers Landing in Manila this 2019

With a seemingly unending race to reach the sky, newly-built superstructures are gradually appearing one by one in the Manila horizon. Constructed to fit compact and high-rise vertical living, these luxury hardscapes are sure to give style and grandeur not only to the skylines, but to the Filipino class of high-end living.

"One of the most expensive and the most advanced."

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) compiles 5 of the most impressive and remarkable luxury condominiums in Metro Manila, scheduled to rise this coming 2019.

1. Century Spire, Makati

Collaboratively designed by internationally renowned Giorgio Armani and Daniel Libeskind, Century Spire is being constructed at the heart of Century City in Makati, the final gem in the complex. With neighbors Milano Residences, Antel Spa Suites, Trump Tower Philippines, Knightsbridge Residences, and Gramercy Residences, the Spire is certain to stand in dazzle in the middle of the high-class business district.

CENTURY SPIRE, MAKATI - image courtesy of Philippine Exclusive

Offering ample suites, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom sanctuaries, Century Spire is swathed with graceful, elegant interiors perfect for luxe residential living. Interior Design by Armani/Casa sets high leverage and expectations regarding the quality and the exclusivity of elite condominium life as the project is considered to be a pioneer in the Philippines, in creative collaboration with the architecture of the globally acclaimed Daniel Libeskind, mastermind behind New York’s Ground Zero.

INTERIOR DESIGN BY ARMANI/CASA - image courtesy of Armani

2. Anchor Grandsuites, Manila

Set on the stones of Philippine history and heritage, Anchor Grandsuites is a residential condo in Manila identified as a 63-storey development. Meant to become the highest, classical jewel in the Manila Chinatown, the grand suites offer maximalist comfort in high-end living.

Located at Masangkay Street, or what has been previously known as Magdalena Street, Anchor Grandsuites is founded along the historical lots where the revolutionary writing, Noli Me Tangere, written by Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, has been kept. Residents will be guaranteed to have a dance with history and luxury with the rich location and the project’s design.

ANCHOR GRANDSUITES, MANILA - image courtesy of The Skyscraper Center

3. Uptown Ritz, BGC

From the developers of Park McKinley West, The Albany, and Forbeswood Heights, Uptown Ritz Residence, located at Bonifacio Global City, prides itself as a condominium in Taguig giving its residents a touch of glamour.

Resting in the upscale nest of BGC along with the prestigious Grand Hyatt, Uptown Ritz offers prime units with area sizes approximately ranging from 79 to 183 sqm. One of the most expensive and the most advanced, the executive suites boast grand walk-in closets and spacious bathrooms able to cater the latest technology.

UPTOWN RITZ, BGC​ - image courtesy of Uptown Ritz

4. The Imperium, Pasig

Set to rise 62 storeys to the sky, The Imperium is seen to bedazzle the metro at the ritzy outskirts of Capitol Commons in Pasig. Along with Maven and The Royalton, the Imperium secures its residents a spectacular city view of the commercial district of Ortigas.

Landscape garden decks, infinity pools, and five-star living spaces await the interiors of the skyscraper. A premier condo in Pasig, The Imperium is rest-assuredly the next in line for residential limelight in the Capitol Commons.

THE IMPERIUM, PASIG - image courtesy of Capitol Commons

5. Park Royal Ongpin, Manila

Yet another high-rise to stand out in the oldest Chinatown in the world, Park Royal Ongpin bears the name of its location, evidently in the heart of Binondo, Manila. Characterized by its green, naturesque design, Park Royal Ongpin meshes urban, contemporary, and without doubt – royal, in one tall pack.

Park Royal Ongpin is the elegant condominium in Manila best for those in search of a rekindling with nature. The surrounding vertical gardens up the city beanstalk is sure to reconnect you to the forest-like scenery, still in luxe and still in style.

Expected and much awaited to soar in the near 2019, these Metro condominiums are worth viewing when finding premier spaces for upscale living. Created for simplicity in affluence and warmth in comfort, each condo style is bound to cater your personality and preference for your home.

PARK ROYAL ONGPIN, MANILA - image courtesy of Skyscraper City

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