Sail Into a Louis Vuitton Cafe in Osaka Japan

exterior of louis vuitton maison osaka
The exterior of the building is meant to resemble a ship on the water. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

French fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton already established its name towards the luxurious world of fashion. And now, it’s making its name towards the world of fine dining. Le Café V and Sugalabo V are now venturing towards the culinary and architectural waters.

The Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji project gives the building a feel of a traditional Japanese cargo ship to celebrate Osaka’s sea-faring history. Osaka is Japan’s most important port. The store is designed to bathe in natural daylight as the building opens out to the city to breathe its distinctive energy.

louis vuitton sculpture
Artist Kenta Cobayashi crafted a unique, one-of-a-kind sculpture in honor of the opening, with liquid crystal distortions and ribbons that embellish the boutique windows with vibrant coloring. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

For the Maison Osaka Midosuji project, Jun Aoki and Peter Marino worked together to make this Hagaki-Kaisen cargo vessel inspired a dream come true. The Maison’s facade resembles a floating ship while wooden floors, wood-clad pillar, and metal ceilings are installed in the interior that is meant to evoke the feeling of floating along on a yacht.

store interior of louis vuitton store in osaka
The interiors of the store have a nautical theme to it, having influences from ships and yachts. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Composed of over four floors, the style that has made the trunkmaker renowned around the world blended harmoniously with Japan’s conventional materials such as woodwork and origami washi paper. Vast spaces are worked in subtle contrasts to elegantly marry spectacular halls with intimate spaces.

terrace area of louis vuitton restaurant
The architecture and interior design of the restaurant present nautical details matching the design of the boutique and thus offering a sense of continuity between spaces. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

On the top floor, Le Café V boasts a spacious terrace bar that is open from day to night. For this upscale environment, only selected patrons per evening are given a chance for this intimate dining experience.

“A restaurant can be a meeting point where you often go and spend time. I guess Osaka is a city important enough, but not vital, where such an experiment can be conducted safely.”

This is the Japanese haven of the American coffee.

Dream about a seaside trip in Osaka with Le Café V’s Cocoon Room. A restaurant with a nautical theme won’t be complete without an area where people would just be laid back and get to know each other in a more intimate way.

To provide a sense of continuity, Monogram-inspired charger plates are installed on the cocktail bar by Louis Vuitton Objects Nomades designer Tokujin Yoshioka are used.

Proposing a unique dining experience, Suglabo V Restaurant will just seat a selected number of guests per evening. The set up is to make the guests watch the preparation process since after all, Yasuke Suga will be the one to complete your luxurious dining experience.

You have heard Breakfast at Tiffany’s, how about a dinner at Louis Vuitton?

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