Selling Sunset: Your New Netflix Binge Show for Luxury Homes

Selling Sunset: Your New Netflix Binge Show for Luxury Homes

After Marie Kondo’s groundbreaking sensation, Netflix released a fresh home and garden series but with a twist. Selling Sunset is a reality tv show about The Oppenheim Group. Known as a major game player in the real estate scene located in Hollywood. Run by the Oppenheim twins, Jason, and Brett. The show is basically about a group of posh white women who sell luxury properties for The Oppenheim Group. Written on its website, the company already earned an estimated 1 billion dollars since its opening in 2013. Wall Street Journal also claims that the group is the number 1 agent in Hollywood Hills. While Jason is recognized as the #1 agent in Hollywood Hills, #3 in Los Angeles and #27 in the US.

What makes this show few and far between is that it is a reality show about luxurious real estate.  The fact that these people sell luxury homes while living in LA themselves as the endgame is an exciting ride.


On the Netflix series Selling Sunset, the series only shows the Oppenheim twins and five fierce real estate agents but in real life, the team is much bigger. These group already dominated the brokerage world by doing tremendous businesses in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Bel Air, Malibu, and beyond.

The group represents five generations of real estate management and brokerage started by Jacob Stern in Hollywood in 1889. It is first named as The Stern Realty Company, named after by Jacob and Brett’s great grandfather. The family built the Hollywood Plaza in 1925. Known as the luxury destination by the entertainment industry in the early years of Hollywood.

Jacob built his personal residence on a five-acre parcel and now the world-famous corner of Hollywood and Vine. Hollywood’s first ever movie studio was built on the southern part of Jason’s residence, and now it is the Paramount Pictures. The family’s continuous development on their property as a destination for movie producers and entertainers made it as a center of the world’s entertainment industry. Generations have continued to impact the landscape of Los Angeles by hundreds of residential and commercial properties from Hollywood. Since the very beginning, The Oppenheim group has been providing luxury homes to the residents of LA.


Since the team works in a rarefied environment where clients can easily drop $5 million to $10 million or more when buying luxury homes, it would be easy to lose perspective towards the rough reality. That’s why Jason encourages the team to go on charity works for them to immerse themselves.


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So proud of my team today as we give back to our community –

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The Oppenheim group volunteers at Food on Foot, a nonprofit organization that helps the poor and homeless. It is also shown at the series that the team held a charitable event and donated to the organization. Jason is also aware that the luxury homes that he is selling contribute to the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles and to the rapid rise of homelessness in the city’s population.



Even though the show is based on a posh lifestyle of five fierce women and two bald dudes, it incorporates the reality of purchasing houses. Here are some of the best lines from their show.

”..they don’t know what they want unless they saw it.”

It’s easy to read between the lines. When they say the want to purchase a home because of its location, there’s something about the location that fuels their desires. Perhaps it is near to their workplace or a great community that supports their dream in raising a family. In buying a home, you are faced with a lot of similar options. That’s the time when they get confused between ‘what I want” and ‘what I need’.


Vying to invest in luxury condominiums this 2019 for a brighter future ahead?

Keep in mind that in buying houses that money plays the huge part of the process. We are not just talking about luxury houses but any type of houses. The choices you have in choosing a home should always be aligned with your financially capability.

“Know your needs and you’ll be happy”

First things first, what are you looking in a home? There are a huge variety of houses that is available out there, and choosing one is the major step. Consider the overall utility you need and everything will fall into place.

A house gives shelter. Happiness doesn’t come off from the things we have but the values that underlie and how it impacts the quality of life,

Yearning for that luxurious look for your brand new home? Have your home renovated to indulge yourself in luxurious interior that lets you feel the serenity of life.

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