Sitting Pretty: The Iconic Cesca Chair

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Something from the 1930s is dominating Instagram, not fashion but furniture. Earning a spot on our Instagram feeds, the Cesca chair has made a resurgence in the apartments of the design-inclined and vintage lovers. As one of the best-known chairs in the interior design world, this cantilever chair is a marvel of timeless design. 

It might not necessarily be fair to call this chair a trend—after all, it’s been a beloved style for over 90 years. The Cesca chair has been an all-time favorite because it’s one of those chairs that has been around forever and is everywhere as a result. The chair has become a favorite of aesthetes from all industries: fashion, film, publishing, arts, and design. Even if the chair seems like it’s everywhere right this moment, it’s very likely because the chair has in fact been “everywhere” for decades.

Marcel Breuer
Michael Breuer, the creator of the Cesca chair. Photo courtesy of Garage Vice

The revolutionary in abandoning the traditional construction of a four-leg chair design is dated back in 1927. As a brainchild of Marcel Breuer, the Cesca chair has been his greatest commercial success. The name came from his adopted daughter, Francheska. The objective was to reconcile art and industry, and his work with tubular steel more than fits the bill. Inspired by bicycle construction and fabricated using the techniques of local plumbers, he brought an entirely new toolbox to the world of interior design.

"It's (Cesca chair) among the 10 most important chairs of the 20th century," -Cara McCarty, associate curator, department of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art.
rattan chair
Photo courtesy of Room for Tuesday

The structure is at once natural and industrial, striking a balance with its cane rattan seat and back, and its trademark frame, inspired by that of a bicycle. It could be this duality that’s made the design so classic and enduring, but maybe, just maybe, there’s another factor at hand.

In the New York Times’s 1991 article called, “The Many Lives of a Very Common Chair”, Breuer’s iconic design was never patented. He signed onto production with specific manufactures but the design has been accessible for other brands to adapt. This is the reason why the Cesca chairs can be found on the internet or a local thrift store with the lowest prices while from certified antique vendors ranges thousands.

The idea that this timeless design is accessible up until this modern time, seems fitting. Breuer’s original was the first mass-produced chair of its kind, and production since the design’s inception has hardly ceased. Now, in interior designs that can range from minimalist to bohemian and from strict mid-century to industrial, the Cesca chair fits in.


There are different ways to make as simple as a curtain, exciting.

retro kitchen interior design

Along with the rising trend of the Cesca chair, cane rattans has enjoyed an increased boost of popularity. The use of natural materials in design feels particularly comforting in an increasingly technological world, and the versatility of rattan makes it especially dynamic in a chair, bookcase, or dresser.

Above the others, though, the Cesca chair enjoys a distinct honor of being one of the most widely available designs that are still actively sought by design lovers around the world. Still, 91 years later, we simply can’t get enough of a creation that melds hand craftsmanship with machine-made made structures in a way that’s perfectly poetic.

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Styles come and go, but the Cesca chair surely never went out of style. Here in Tokyo Grand Renovation, we cater different forms of interior design that anyone is opting for.

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