Smart Homes: Futuristic and Technologically Advanced Houses as Shown in Movies

Smart Homes: Futuristic and Technologically Advanced Houses as Shown in Movies
THEODORE TWOMBLY FROM THE MOVIE “HER” - image courtesy of Mashable

Smart homes in movies, more often than not, is portrayed as an innovative way of making the lives of humans easier with a twisted development. As the story progress, these gadgets or smart homes becomes an object of horror that causes mass destruction and genocide that leaves the audience questioning whether they want smart homes or not. In the real world, things may be a bit different.

We do have innovative gadgets and wi-fi powered appliances that helps make our lives better and experts continue to create as such to develop an easier way of life. Although these gadgets are powerful and risky, we do believe that real-life smart homes are meant for innovation and not to instill fear.


To reminisce the films that we know and love, here are movies that features smart homes that we wish we had. Since we are discussing the main feature of these movies, there is a chance that we will discuss spoilers for the movie. Please be warned.


In the movie Her, Samantha is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that operates the same as most AIs in film but with less murderous intentions. Samantha is different in away that it has a personality and plays as if she’s a real human in Theodore Twomby’s life. She can still do asic smart home stuff, such us opening the tv and voice command and being an actual virtual assistant.


Like Samantha, Disney also made a AI assistant named Patricia that took care of all your needs. As seen on the video, Pat collects your DNA and figure out all your needs, including your health and dietary needs. In 1999, Disney Channel original movie “Smart House,” was way ahead of its time and made us wish that we could also live in “the house of the future.”


Learn more about Samsung’s Smart Home Gadget “THE FRAME”


If you are not jealous of Tony Stark being Iron Man, almost all of us wanted to live in Stark Tower. In Iron Man, like Samantha and Pat, Tony invented JARVIS, Just A Rather Very Intelligent System that can activate the lights, music, and displays in Stark’s workshop and basically becomes a virtual assistant that helps Iron Man.

Overall, all the movies that we featured today stars Artificial Intelligence that becomes a virtual assistant that can do whatever we ask with a snap of a finger. Creating these movies, it seems as though that having and AI is one of the important elements of Smart Homes. In the real world, there have been some invention that comes close to this technology and gadgets and appliances that does command in a click of a button. In terms of futuristic and innovative inventions such as Samantha, Pat and JARVIS, there is a long way for us to go but considering the technology we used to have, we also came a long way in terms of making people’s lives easier.

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